The pace car crashed leaving the pits on the out laps to the 2nd race of the 2018 Indycar race in Detroit. General Motors executive Mark Reuss, and a passenger, IndyCar official Mark Sandy, were taken to a medical center at the track but reportedly suffered no major injuries.

The accident occurred as Reuss, GM’s executive vice president for Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain, steered the car around turn two of the parade lap at the Raceway on Belle Isle. He lost control of the 2019 Corvette ZR1, the retail price for which starts at around $120,000, and swerved hard to the left, hitting the wall.

“We are thankful that there were no major injuries,” Chevrolet said in a statement. “Both the pace car driver and the series official were taken to the infield care center, where they were checked, cleared and released. It is unfortunate that this incident happened.”

The manufacturer added that, “Many factors contributed, including weather and track conditions,” and it wrung a positive from the embarrassing situation by noting, “The car’s safety systems performed as expected.  We know who’s fault it was, let’s just say too much car for that dude to handle.