2019 will mark the organization of the twentieth world golf championship also known as WGC.
This year the WGC will be hosted by Mexico. The tournament is just a few days afar. The first
match of the championship is set to be played on February 21st, and the tournament will
officially end on February 24th.

The trophy for the championship was revealed a few days ago, and soon the players participating
in the tournament will start making their way to Mexico. As soon as the days go by and the
competition draws nearer, more and more people are predicting the outcome of this year’s
matches via betting-universe.com.

Everyone is hoping and cheering for the player of their choice. However, it has been observed
that American players have been taking the title of the World Golf Champion home with them
for the maximum number of championships for the past few years. Everyone is curious whether
this will be the scenario this year or someone will be able to take this honor away from America.

Other than America only a player from England was able to claim the title and trophy to his
name in the World Golf Championship organized in 2012. Even this years, golf players from all
around the globe who have been able to make their way into the top rankings of Official World
Golf Ranking will be playing and participating in the championship.

However, there is one thing that can be rightfully stated is the fact that the championship will be
breathtaking and exciting as each one of the top few golf players compete with one another neck
to neck to tighten their grip around the World Golf Championship trophy and give one another a
tough time in the golf course.

The total number of players participating in the WGC this year is 64. These players have been
categorized into groups based on their rankings and merits. These classifications are then used to
decide the matches and the players competing with one another.

Club de Golf Chapultepec has been selected as the location for the World Golf Championship
this year. This golf course is an incredible 6,716 meters with 71 pars. To add to it, the
breathtaking views and beauty of Mexico will add to the ambiance as the players compete with
one another to emerge as the ultimate World Golf Champions.