Late in the first quarter, Lions star wide receiver Golden Tate caught a third-down pass when the defensive back in coverage stumbled. 

Tate turned up field, and after juking past the safety, began high-stepping the final 15 yards to the end zone, holding the ball out behind him before slowing down and walking the final step across the goal line backwards.

Via Detroit News

As Tate continued to celebrate on the sideline (following first TD), Patrica could be seen pulling him in for a hug, while delivering a private message to his receiver not to do that again.

“I gotta fix it,” Tate said. “At the end of the day, I’m having fun, but I got to put the team first. Because if I fumble that ball and it goes out the back of the end zone, or something happens and the ball goes out of bounds and we don’t score, then I feel like a (expletive).

Tate is sorry for what he did. 

“Yeah, you know, just a selfish play on my part,” Tate said. “I let my emotions get way too involved in that game at the end, and kind of forgot what (Patricia) said. So I’m sure he’s going to coach me, and (offensive coordinator) Jim Bob (Cooter’s) going to coach me, and my position coach is going to coach me. So, just have to be better next time.”

Looks like Matt Patricia is taking the Belichick route with a No Fun policy. This is the kind of thing that makes football fun to watch.