Forget about the NFL Combine.  There was a far more impressive display of football skills put on this weekend and it wasn’t anywhere near Indianapolis.  Golfer Jon Rahm and his fiancee, Kelley Cahill, held their own workout at TCU and it turns out Cahill has a rocket arm.

Via Busted Coverage:

Kelley, who killed off her first Instagram account for some reason, is now locked down with a private, Tour-only account. Hate to see that when she’s out here throwing deep post passes. Looks like the next time you’ll be seeing Rahm playing golf will be next weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. His cardio should be top notch after this workout chasing down Cahill’s balls.

Take that Kyler Murray.  Cahill, a former javelin thrower and a member of the track & field team at Arizona State, isn’t afraid to throw the ball for the scouts.  The most impressive part of their workout, besides Cahill’s arm, might be Rahm’s hands.  Who knew a golfer had such good hands?  

I wonder if this is at all getting Bill Belichick’s wheels turning?  He loves white receivers and guys from other sports.  It could be a fit.  He already has an NFL ready WAG too.

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