Believe it or not, the esports competitive scene is so evolved that spreading the correct rumor can have a wide-spread impact on anything – from player confidence to the way esports fans bet on a game. After all, you want to bet on the best outcomes of a game. That’s why you choose as your go-to betting platform.

Yet, if you catch wind of a rumor that could potentially impact your bet, you are very likely to act in a way that allows you to get a better value out of the betting situation. And, rumors are spreading fast – like wildfire in some cases!

Rumors can be both good and bad, but when it comes to esports, they mostly have to do with esports players. Here are several things you can do to stay on top of rumors for your own benefit as an esports fan and an esports bettor if you are ever tempted to place a Dota 2 flutter.

1. Always Stay Tuned with the Community

The best way to catch wind of rumors is to always try and stay on top of the community. This is rather easy. Depending on what game you are a fan of, you would be able to visit many online portals that always break the news first.

For example, Fortnite Intel often drops valuable pieces of info that turn out to be true way before any other company has released the information! Not only that, but you are able to distribute information that can impact betting.

Besides specialized websites, though, you ought to trust the community. Forums such as Reddit always bring together developers and fans, and this is one of the best places to find various esports rumors. 

2. Follow Tipsters

Sometimes, you will find individuals within gaming communities who are tasked with tipping fellow esports fans. These individuals are knowledgeable and they can deliver some saucy pieces of info even if you are not specifically looking for one!

“Slasher,” a popular Twitter personality, is often first with some game-changing and impactful rumors which are fed to him directly from game developers. 

3. Show a Modicum of Distrust 

Now, of course, being aware of rumors is excellent. Then again, you should always approach the topic with a bit of mistrust. After all, rumors aren’t always true and this is why gossiping about esports, players, teams and events is fun, you shouldn’t give in to the rumors too as well, as they might misconstrue facts. 

Well, in any event, esports rumors are here, and they are here to stay. As is the case with gossiping out of esports, though, rumors can quickly sway careers and elicit unexpected reactions from audiences! It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for the latest juicy tip swirling out there!