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When punters try to pick the Grand National winner each year, they will use a variety of unscientific methods in order to select a horse. This can range from the horse having an interesting name or the horse being the person’s favourite number on race day.

Regardless of your method, the Grand National is an incredibly tough race to predict. For those who like to pick horses based on the fact that they have a colour in their name, you might well be onto something, as there have been 10 occasions when such a horse has won the Grand National. If you think that a colour will feature in the name of the Grand National winner, then head on over to Paddy Power and take a look at Pairofbrowneyes (25/1), Ultragold (33/1) or Black Corton (40/1).

It’s time to take a look at the colours that have won the Grand National.


There has been one occasion where a horse with the colour ‘teal’ in its name has won, and the horse was called… Teal. It was in the 1952 race that Teal, ridden by Arthur Thompson, rode home to victory. The race itself was started 10 minutes late as there was a false start and incredibly 46 of the 47 horses who ran returned home safely.


One horse has won the Grand National with gold in its name and that was the five-time Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Golden Miller. By winning the 1934 Grand National, Golden Miller added to his already incredible reputation by completing the Cheltenham Gold Cup-Grand National double that season.


On three occasions a horse with silver in its name has won and on each occasion it was a different horse. The first of these was in the 1906 Grand National when Ascetic’s Silver ran home to victory ahead of Red Lad and Aunt May.

It would be another 55 years before another silver-named horse would win the prestigious race, when Nicolaus Silver, who also happened to be the first grey horse to win it in 90 years, won the race with jockey Bobby Beasley.

The most recent of the three silver-named horses to win was in 2007, when 33/1 shot Silver Birch beat the three joint-favourites to claim victory at Aintree.


The most successful colour in a horse’s name is red, with five wins from horses with such names. Red Alligator’s win in the 1968 Grand National was the first of these five wins, and his jockey was Brian Fletcher, who will feature again with the colour red. He completed a dominant victory when he finished 20 lengths clear of second-placed Moidore’s Token.

Red Marauder was the most recent red-named horse when he won the 2001 Grand National. The race was memorable for how incredibly tough the conditions were, which resulted in only four horses successfully completing the race.

There was another horse who managed to win the Grand National. But he didn’t just do it once, he did it an unprecedented three times, and he was Red Rum. His victory in 1973 saw him come from 33 lengths behind Crisp to overtake his rival just before the finish line, before he secured a consecutive victory in 1974. On both occasions Red Rum’s jockey was Brian Fletcher.

His 1977 victory put him in the record books as the most successful Grand National horse in history. It was Tommy Stack who rode him to victory that day and it has since gone down as one of the greatest sporting moments of all time.