Draymond Green is going to celebrate another one of Stephen Curry’s historical feats with an expensive bottle of wine — and for the second year in a row he’s going to put it on Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s tab.

In honor of Curry making the NBA’s 75th anniversary team, Green said he was going to enjoy the occasion in style inside of the same Oklahoma City restaurant where he celebrated Curry’s breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s franchise record for points last season.

What makes the meal even more special is that Green said he will be ordering up another bottle of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche — a French wine that can start around $5,000 a bottle.

“Steph just made the 75th anniversary team so y’all can call Joe this time and tell Joe that we about to go order a bottle of DRC because Steph made the 75th anniversary team,” Green said after Monday’s practice. “And Klay’s 77.”

Green’s reference to teammate Klay Thompson came after Thompson wore a No. 77 jersey during Saturday’s practice after Thompson said he felt snubbed by not being named to the anniversary team last week. Warriors coach Steve Kerr originally thought Curry had the jersey made, but noted Sunday that from what he understood it was actually Thompson, with the help of longtime Warriors equipment man Eric Housen, who made the jersey.

So would Thompson get an invite to drink a glass of the expensive wine?

“The thing is Klay or Joe didn’t make the trip,” Green said. “So they can’t partake in the bottle. So me and Steph will enjoy it. [Warriors president of basketball operations] Bob [Myers] didn’t come, could have had a glass. They didn’t come. So me and Steph will enjoy a bottle of DRC tonight. It’s going on Joe’s tab.”

Unlike last year, when he texted Lacob to make sure the purchase was all right, Green enlisted the assembled media to pass along the message to Lacob for him. For his part, Curry took it all in stride, chuckling when asked what it’s like to drink such an expensive bottle of wine.

“I hope that every glass that I have I can manifest that same experience,” Curry said. “Whether it’s $8,000, $800, $80 dollar bottle, whatever it is. But, you hear the $8,000 cork pop, it’s a little different feeling for sure.”

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