Greg Hardy was on the UFC’s debut fight card on ESPN.  The former NFL player, who ruined his career with domestic violence charges and being a jerk, took his first MMA loss on Saturday night against Allen Crowder.

Crowder controlled most of the fight and would have won the fight had it continued without the illigel knee.  The knee might not have been a rookie mistake as some claim.  

According to those close to the fight, Hardy’s illegal knee came after Crowder started to trash talk him.  That would fit the profile of the type of guy who shows zero remorse for abusive a female.

This unfortunately won’t be the last time Hardy appears in the octagon for the UFC.  Dana White said he will get another fight with the organization.

Via Bloody Elbow:

“One thing that I did learn about Hardy tonight, he can fight,” White told reporters in his post-fight scrum. “He can fight, he’s an athlete, not only can he punch hard, but he can take a big punch. He got hit with some good shots tonight, his ground game, I think everybody thought if he got taken down to the ground that was gonna be the end of him.

“He got out of trouble on the ground several times, and he learned a lot tonight.”

“Yeah, he’ll get another fight,” White said of Hardy. “He made a real big rookie mistake and it caused him an L tonight. It ruined his perfect record.”

Dana might be the only human being impressed with Greg Hardy.  White normally makes the right call when it comes to the UFC, this isn’t one of them.