Former NFL Pro Bowl defensive end, Greg Hardy, is preparing for his football comeback.  He’s doing so with the Richmond Roughriders of the American Arena League.  It appears as if he’s put his joke MMA career on hold.

Hardy’s fall from a guy close to NFL superstardom began with domestic violence accusations and a year spent on the NFL Commissioner’s Exempt List.  He would get a second chance in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, but quickly became more of a distraction than the playmaker he once was.  That left him without a job in the NFL.

Hardy sat down for an interview at the Roughriders facility and said all of the right things.  Hardy seemes to be in a good place, but he also recognizes that no matter what, his past will be too much for some to forgive.

We can officially put his chances of making it back to the NFL at zero percent.  There is absolutely no way he gets another shot in the league.

This isn’t a stepping stone of any kind.  The Arena League is much closer to the games you play in the backyard with your buddies than the NFL.