On Thursday, Bleacher Report released an article that spoke of the dysfunction of the Packers organization while Mike McCarthy was head coach, and it also revealed a bunch of former teammates that were turned off by Rodgers.

Greg Jennings who told a tale about a matchup against the San Francisco 49ers in 2012 when he was speaking with with opposing cornerback Carlos Rogers when Rodgers strolled on the scene and said, “You guys should get him at the end of the year.”

“I don’t think he realizes what he said and the impact that it had,” Jennings said. “Had the shoe been on the other foot and I said, ‘Hey, man, I should come and play with your quarterback,’ he would’ve been so offended by that. But when it comes out of his mouth—and we all know there’s truth behind jokes—for him to say that and just act as though everything was the same? It just wasn’t.”

From there, Jennings told his position coach, Edgar Bennett, that he knew it was his last year with the Packers.

Jennings was on an expiring contract during that season and when he became a free agent, Rodgers didn’t even bother to reach out to him. 

Jennings also spoke about a time he covered a Packers game as a media member, and tried to get Rodgers’ attention but Rodgers was not having it.  He went on to claim that Rodgers was upset when the wide receiver went to talk to Brett Favre, when Favre was a Viking after a 2009 game.

“I can’t have a relationship with him because you have a problem with him?” Jennings said. “That’s petty! That’s not who I am.”

I’ve been hearing today that Greg Jennings bashed on Rodgers a lot in this interview. To me he seemed pretty fair and objective. 

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