You need a shark to catch a shark, from a guy nicknamed the Shark? 

Australian golf legend Greg Norman lived up to his nickname, the “Great White Shark,” during a recent fishing expedition.

The 64-year-old athlete, who has won more than 90 tournaments across the globe, reportedly used a fishing rod and reel to hook a catch of a lifetime: a “monster” hammerhead shark

Norman joined a fishing crew’s mission to snag a blacktip shark.

“One of the most incredible things about nature is to expect the unexpected,” said Norman in the YouTube video, which has already garnered more than 1 million views.

The producer of the show, Joshua Jorgensen, used a drone to monitor the massive school of blacktip sharks circling their boat. While reviewing the drone footage, Norman and Jorgensen spotted a giant hammerhead stalking a blacktip shark.

“I’ve never seen that … But to see a hammerhead chasing a blacktip was kind of unique,” Norman added.

“It was the most incredible scene I’d ever witnessed.”

— Greg Norman

Moments later, the pair realized they had hooked a blacktip — which apparently caught the eye of the hammerhead.

Video footage shows the large hammerhead slowly swimming behind the 80-pound hooked blacktip shark. Eventually, it starts circling the fish and hovers over it before chomping down.

Watch below:  

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