Rob Gronkowski injured his thigh during the Super Bowl and didn’t miss a play.  After the game, the Patriots tight end could barely walk and his thigh was so swollen that it was described as “stupidly big.” 

NBC Sports reporter Tom Curran got an up close and personal look at the thigh before Gronk hit the showers.  He even got to touch it and shared his interaction with Gronk’s thigh for all of us.

His pants? Not on. He was in his underwear and he kept pressing on his thigh.

“Look at this,” he said.

I looked at the side of his thigh where he was poking. It looked stupidly big. Swollen from just above the knee for about 20 inches.

“Touch it,” he encouraged.

I touched. Yep, swollen.

The misshapen thigh was caused by second-quarter hit on which Gronk was sandwiched and upended. He limped to the sideline and the limp got worse when he got into the bench area. He didn’t miss any plays which — given the way the thing looked now — was kind of amazing.

“Is that the worst you’ve ever had?” I asked him, figuring it probably was because the expression on his face was somewhere between mortified and amused.

“No, it’s about the same as other ones,” he said. “But I can barely walk!”

“What will it look like tomorrow?” I asked.

“It will be red . . . black and blue,” he said. “But at least I don’t have to worry about it now.”

Gronk later told WEEI, that his thigh hurts a lot, but that it was all good because the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

“Yeah, my quad,” he said. “It hurts a lot. I can barely walk right now. … Adrenaline is flowing throughout the game, it’s the Super Bowl. I have had these quad shots about four times now. Probably won’t be able to walk that good tomorrow, but it’s all good. We’re Super Bowl champs.”

There’s nothing like winning the Super Bowl to help heal all of your injuries.  That and some pretty good pain killers.