Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is still weighing his NFL future, but he’s reportedly been seen multiple times at Gillette Stadium recently.  It’s still unclear if he’s having discussions with New England about his future or if he’s simple receiving treatment on the thigh injury that he suffered in the Super Bowl.

Whatever the case, Gronk is probably starting to think about whether or not he’s going to retire.  The fact that he’s still hanging around the facility is good sign for those who want to see him on the field in 2019.


It might not mean anything significant as it relates to his career intentions, but with tight end Rob Gronkowski saying he is weighing his football future, he has still shown up at Gillette Stadium multiple times over the past couple of weeks. He also made a visit to Boston Children’s Hospital on Wednesday with his family, spending time with patients and donating $80,000. Though he might be visiting Gillette Stadium simply for treatment of his thigh, I also view his time at the facility as a reflection of his being in a good place with how the season ended, both team-wise and personally. That doesn’t guarantee his return in 2019, but it figures to at least be part of his decision-making process on whether to continue his career.

From a football standpoint, Gronk has nothing left to prove.  When he hangs them up he’ll be one of the best tight ends who ever played.  If he decides to play in 2019, he will be playing for the love of the game.

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