Superstar Tight End and world renowned party boy, Rob Gronkowski, has noticed something about teammate Tom Brady as the years have passed. With Brady approaching his 41st birthday on Friday, Gronkowski sees a kinder, gentler quarterback.

But Gronkowski still sees the same competitive fire on the field from Brady, which was on full display Wednesday when he implored his offensive teammates to raise their energy level in what appeared to be a sluggish practice at times.

“It’s just unreal, it’s remarkable. You just learn from him. You want to get taught from him,” said Gronkowski, who enters his ninth season, all with Brady. “You want to be on the same chemistry as him out on the field, because he knows where you need to be. He knows talent around him, he knows guys around him, he’s seen talent from the last 15-20 years on. So when he has something to say, something to correct, you have to listen. …

“At age 41, there are coaches younger than him on the roster. And he looks younger than the coaches. Just the way he’s moving, just [how] reliable he is at times, is just unbelievable and something to look up to.”

Tom is a once in a generation type player. Luckily for him, the NFL has done the most to protect their Quarterbacks. At any other position, you have no chance of playing til 41 years old.