While Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is preparing to play in another Super Bowl his girlfriend Camille Kostek is “spreading joy” on Instagram.  She shared a video of herself which she describes as the last shot of the day from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.  

Kangaroo Island. South Australia. Last shot of the day. Moments after being handed my ROOKIE suit from Sports Illustrated Swim. The feeling I had in this moment is a reminder to work for what you love. So much rejection led me here, so many critics on my body, so many reasons to doubt but the will to keep going got me to this moment. The feeling of forgetting things that constantly worry you, the feeling of forgetting the day and time, that euphoric feeling that takes over your body is a feeling I hope you all experience because it makes life feel so good and REAL. This is just a moment in time that happened to be captured that I can always be taken back to by simply watching. I share these feelings because my hope is that you get to a place of euphoria. I want you to live in the NOW, worry less, leave fear behind and open your mind to endless possibilities that the world has to offer. And if you’ve had a feeling so larger than life share yours with me below!!! #SpreadJoy

Wow, that’s how you spread joy and Gronk spike on the haters and she did so all in one quick video.  No wonder Gronk wants to retire.

Here’s a closer look at Camille:

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