Many of the off-season moves Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and the organization made have caused tension with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

Not only was quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt fired without consulting Rodgers, his close friend and favorite target Jordy Nelson was sent packing. 

Adding to the tension has been McCarthy’s playcalling, which Rodgers has been critical of following games.

According to CBS Sports, the tension has people close to both Rodgers and McCarthy questioning if they can continue to work together.

The dynamic between coach and player after 12 years is something being watched closely by those close to them, with McCarthy signed just through the 2019 season at this point and the Packers having high hopes for this campaign. Several people in regular contact with the duo wonder if they’ll still be working together next season, though obviously ample time remains this season to produce a more efficient point-scoring offense and contend in the tough NFC.

They say winning cures all, but even in victory Rodgers wasn’t happy with the playcalling.  That and the fact that the Packers still don’t have much of a running game and they aren’t very deep at receiver either may not lead to many wins.