We know Tom Brady is super crazy when it comes to what he puts in his body. Following Brady’s advice to avoid added sugar, processed food, and alcohol, while eating more vegetables, nuts, and lean proteins, would probably yield good results for your health. Of course it would. 

But Brady’s TB12 program goes much further, and gets really intense. So this begs the question, is movie theater popcorn part of Tom’s diet? Or did Tommy have a cheat day and indulge in some concession stand treats? 

Tom with a fan at a movie theater in New York ❤️  last night checking out Peter Rabbit, him and Gisele brought all the kids from our source  

I can clearly see the New England Patriots QB holding two bags of popcorn, so it was either his p-corn, or he had some bags ready for his kids? Screw the popcorn, what about those glasses. LOL 

 If you know me, then you know what this means to me #goat #patsnation #doyourjob #bucketlist (sidenote: the goat is perfectly sculpted as expected, ridiculously handsome, and incredibly humble) #thankyou