Back in May, the infamous Kevin Durant Hamptons 5 house went up for sale. This house was significant in KD singing with the Warriors.

Now it looks like the house has been sold. 


The infamous ‘Hamptons 5’ house where Kevin Durant stayed in 2016. The 7,400-square-foot home on 3.2 acres recently sold for $13.6 million, but that was only after a long, four-year march towards a compelling market price. In 2014, when the property was initially listed for sale, the asking price was $21.5 million.A champion-caliber property in East Hampton with an architectural and aesthetic pedigree all on its own took on further allure in 2016 when NBA star Kevin Durant rented there for 10 days. It was there where Durant’s future teammates coaxed him into joining the Golden State Warriors, forming the formidable lineup subsequently nicknamed the “Hamptons 5.” Now, the superb home at 189 Further Lane — what we might call the “Hamptons 5 house” — has been sold.

Who know what happens if Durant leaves for another team. Might there be another Hamptons 5 house in the future?

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