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The wellness space has been on Jeter’s radar since her first pregnancy, when she surprised herself by gaining 70 pounds — “I went into hiding,” she jokes, adding, “No one really saw me, but I have pictures” — followed quickly by another 55 pounds with her second. Before that one-two punch, “I always thought, you know, I’m going to have kids and go right back to work and pop back into shape,” she says, “and it’s not that easy.” When she decided, six months ago, to try intermittent fasting — a Hollywood trend that she concedes “everybody’s doing” — Jeter found she had more energy, brighter skin, and “just felt incredible,” she says. She was also able to shed the last pounds of baby weight, though still contends with the most enduring side effect of new motherhood: “I’m so deeply connected and attached to [my daughters], I don’t like to leave them,” she says. “My husband gets mad at me, because he wants to go on vacation sometimes, and I’m like, great! Let’s take the kids!”

Hannah reportedly began dating Derek in 2012, and they became engaged in October 2015.

She married the Yankees legend in Napa Valley in July. 

They welcomed daughter Bella, two, in August 2017, and daughter Story, 10 months, in January.  

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