Coordinating producer Ken Rodgers told Cleveland Browns broadcaster Nathan Zegura that the Browns training camp is the “the most serious…we have ever been around.” He added there is a “sense of urgency” for the team to take steps in the right direction.

That “urgency” probably comes from the knowledge that everyone’s job is on the line. Coach Hue Jackson will almost certainly be fired if they don’t win at least five games, especially after general manager John Dorsey went out this offseason and began littering the roster with veterans.

Jackson has also placed an emphasis on winning preseason games.

“Absolutely, I do—I want to win them all if I can,” Jackson told reporters. “You said it. I do not want to go 0-4 again. I don’t want to feel like that. I don’t think this team deserves that. We need to go out and play good in front of our fans and go win.

“I don’t care what we are playing. I just think that has got to be our mindset. I think the mindset is different than what it is. If we are going to play, we need to go win. Everybody, like you said says that, but I mean it. We need to go win.”

Hard Knocks has aired two episodes, with wide receiver Jarvis Landry taking a starring role as motivator in the locker room. Check out some clips of the show below: