Warriors guard Klay Thompson will be a free agent this summer.  He will be eligible for a five-year, $190 million max offer from Golden State, which the team is expected to offer him.

Thompson will however listen to offers if the Warriors don’t immediately offer him a max contract.  The Lakers are rumored to be interested in the sharpshooter and so are the Hawks.

According to Michael Cunningham of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk, who was a Warriors front office exec when the team drafted Thompson, has plans to make a run at Thompson if he becomes a free agency. 

I heard Travis Schlenk planned to make a run at Thompson as a free agent soon after the Hawks hired Schlenk as GM in 2017. I figured it was just dot-connecting speculation: Schlenk was a Warriors front-office executive when the team drafted Thompson in 2011. But since then several people in the know have insisted that Schlenk is focused on trying to sign Thompson, and now I believe that’s his plan if the Warriors provide an opening.

Thompson is an obvious fit for the Hawks’ style of play (or most any team in the pace-and-space era) as an elite shooter and off-ball shot creator. He doesn’t seem to fit their timeline. The Hawks just finished a second season of playing for the draft lottery and, with their current trajectory, probably are two years away from even contending for a playoff berth.

If Klay has a choice between Los Angeles and Atlanta there’s no way he’s going to the Hawks.  It would be awesome, but it’s highly unlikely, there aren’t enough Instagram models and actresses in Hotlanta.

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