We’re at that time of year again, the regular season is almost done and it’s time to welcome the postseason, where the pressure and excitement ramps up a level and the whole world takes note.

More people are watching the game than ever before, with Major League Baseball celebrating its 150th anniversary, and playing league games in the likes of the UK for the very first time.

That’s generating worldwide interest with many looking to watch MLB online free, and keep their own support for teams flying high.

It’s now time to cut the numbers down. 16 teams as it stands are already out of the playoff picture, and a number of teams are pushing ahead as favorites to win the World Series.

With October 1 and the beginning of the postseason just around the corner, we decided to take a look at the teams everyone should be keeping their eyes on…

LA Dodgers

The Dodgers are the only team so far to have secured a postseason place having clinched the National League West title in emphatic style.

The side have some real stars, with Cody Bellinger having transformed his career to be a possible MVP candidate.

He spent much of the postseason on the bench last term but has turned into a key man for the Dodgers and one of the leading figures in the sides success.

The sportsbooks are pricing the Dodgers as second favorites currently, with many tipping them after comfortably being the best side in the league so far.

It’s their seventh successive division title though and they haven’t picked up a World Series since 1988, which could well be telling in itself.

Houston Astros

The Astros have found themselves at the top of the power rankings and have become the sportsbook’s favourite to win the World Series in recent weeks.

They’ve had a phenomenal turn of form and it’s going to make for one hell of a race during the postseason. They won the World Series back in 2017 and many are even suggesting they have one of the finest baseball teams that’s ever been put together.

That certainly holds them in good stead for the postseason, with the likes of Bregman, Springer, Correa and Altuve all superstars in their own right.

They look the the team to beat at the moment and few will be backing against them over the next month.

New York Yankees

The Yankees have also been among the star teams this year and haven’t won the World Series in a decade. Hope is there this year though and they have produced some interesting tactics during the regular season to get themselves there.

Manager Aaron Boone sees pitcher Domingo German as his key man during the postseason, saying, “I view Domingo playing a really big role for us in the postseason, hopefully.

““I could see it being a lot of different things. I could see him absolutely starting and being that guy for us. I could see him coming into a game in a huge spot and picking up innings both short and [long].”

It’d be a huge win for the Yankees in a massive season in MLB. If the biggest team in the league did so, it would create headlines worldwide.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves are looking good, real good. They lead in the East and need just eight wins (as it stands) for them to clinch the title.

Doing so looks almost guaranteed and they’ll certainly be a team to be reckoned with over the coming weeks.

After a few injury hit weeks they’re back to full strength and looking to be dominant from now until the end of October. What’s still in the balance is beating the Dodgers to top seed. If they can do so, they’re in with a really good chance of World Series glory. They’ve matched the LA outfit for months now and at four games behind it still is game on.

St Louis Cardinals

Perhaps more of an outsider are the Cardinals who are still fighting to win their division. It’s been a long time since they’ve led this far into the season and could well just see off the Cubs and remain there.

With the sportsbooks they are favoured ahead of them and a postseason run certainly does beckon, something they’ve missed out on for the past three seasons.

It’d be a huge upset if they were to go all the way, but stranger things have happened!