Hemp oil is legal, natural, safe, and non-toxic

What’s more? 

Read and discover how hemp oil can help for healing and its other sports benefits of the trending seeming ‘cure-all drug.’ 

Sports and hemp are gradually merging. More and more sportspersons are exploring and exploiting the benefits of the plant and its products. 

One common wish among athlete is a quick post-workout recovery. Hemp products – like the popular hemp oil – come real handy for recovery and performance.

If you’re into sports, cross fitness, or other intensive physical activities that subject your muscles to stress, let’s discuss how you can benefit from hemp’s healing properties and recover fast, plus you can always check west coast cure carts

CBD and sport

Many think hemp oil is only for the sick. If you think same, think again. While It’s reported to manage a range of health problems, hemp’s properties come in handy for healthy people, too—like athletes. 

But what’s the link between hemp oil and sports? 

Hemp oil’s properties may reduce swellings and inflammations inflicted by sports. Swellings of the muscles and at joints are a norm in sports- especially those with heavy contacts like football, rugby, hockey.

High-performing athletes and martial artists also report related discomforts.

 Such concerns do not only take long to heal, it can ruin your training sessions. Here’s where a quality hemp oil comes in handy.

First, hemp-based CBD oil’s potent anti-inflammatory property is a huge plus. Also, CBD helps manage inflamed tissues, reduces swells and help your swollen joint heal quicker. It is also helpful in arthritis and gout pain. This expedites a return to your training. 

For inflammation and swellings, there are several testimonies from firsthand users who confessed using both hemp-based CBD oil(orally/sublingually) and lotions. 

While oral doses have shown promising results for post-workout recovery, for local relief, consider combining a topical hemp oil application on the target skin area. 

Let’s discuss, in-depth, different ways hemp oil for healing works for sportspeople

Repairs pain and nerve damage

Athletes usually battle two kinds of pains.

The first, the ‘good pain,’ are pains high-performing sportspersons feel immediately after trainings or tournaments. Of course, challenging your body beyond limits trigger pain. Remember, growing muscles come with pains. 

The other form of pain, the ‘bad pain,’ is a result of wear and tear. Worse, they can be caused by nerve damage. 

Although opiates, NSAIDs, and other conventional medications have typical prescription for these painful conditions, they leave too many side effects. 

Several researches have reported the potential pain-relief ingredient of CBD and other hemp cannabinoids. This promises you a safe, more-natural anti-pain which comes in handy for nerve pain, aching muscles, and other sports related pain.

CBD is also thought to repair damages to the nerves in the brain. 

Fast bone healing

Hemp oil offers sports fanatics and athletes a fast recovery from torn tendons and broken bones. 

Research perceive that appropriate CBD doses can expedite the recovery process of broken bones and facilitate healing. The study reveals that the ‘CBD healing’ had more lasting effects and the bones were unlikely to break again. 

Promotes Quality sleep

Since rest is a vital requirement for any bodily recovery process, athletes are usually advised to sleep well.

During sleep, your body cells are revitalized, and some hormones are secreted to aid muscle recovery and growth. Obviously, lack of sleep will ruin these beneficial natural processes and dampen the body’s natural recovery. 

Thankfully, a long peaceful sleep is one of the most celebrated CBD benefits. 

Although CBD may not help you deal with external sleepless-nights factors, it manages internal factors like anxiety, stress, pain, etc. 

Performance Booster

It’s common knowledge that quick muscle recovery and adequate sleep will boost your performance at tournaments and training. Besides offering focus and more energy, CBD may help promote brain functions. In fact, studies say the compound may help recycle damaged cells in the brain and help the brain manage its operations properly. 

Since CBD promises a shorter recovery process, that means you’ll be fit for training in no time. And, of course, the earlier you can return to your training, the more time you train, and, ultimately, the better performance.

Boost immunity

The hemp plant houses several immunity-boosting properties. For instance, CBD helps athletes build their disease-fighting mechanism and protect the body from infections and stress. This leaves the body and all its organs in top shape. 

These gains are beneficial, not only to athletes but to everyone. 

IS Hemp Oil legal in sports?


Hemp-based CBD oil is legal. However, remember pure CBD oil or extract is scarce. Most CBD oil contains other compounds, including the dreaded THC, which are prohibited for athletes. 

The cannabinoids may also remain in the body for some time after dosage. So, if you’re tempted to use in-competition-prohibited substance out of competition, players should know that flushing out those substances is no cakewalk.


Hemp oil’s emergency may already be redefining how athletes recover from stress and muscle soreness often caused by training.

Note, however, that hemp and its extracts are still under research. There’s a lot to learn about how the plant works and how exactly it can help athletes. 

CBD is not prohibited in sports. However, buying a product that contains more than the label says may be risky for athletes. For instance, some products have more THC content than advertised on the labels. Such products can leave you at the risk of violating doping regulations. 

That said, as with every item on the market, do your research and choose a premium CBD product.

Hemp oil delivers great potential benefits with an insignificant risk profile. If it helps manage pain, inflammation, and insomnia, that’s already enough to boost your athletic prowess. 

And to thinks it can help reduce consumptions of opiates and NSAIDs, hemp oil deserves better attention.