We posted about this earlier this week, a list of banned phrases fans in the gallery aren’t allowed to yell at the golfers, including the now infamous Dilly, Dilly. Now we’ve come across the actual list. 

SkratchTV posted the full list of banned phrases at the Masters, and Augusta National Golf Club is not joking around. Here is the complete list below:   

“Dilly Dilly” joins a list of past phrases, like “RIP Harambe” and “Sweep the Leg, Johnny. Apparently Karate Kid is still very popular among the gallery. Not sure what Bikini Wax refers to. Either way now that the list is out, you know everyone will be yelling all of these phrases. 

If I’m attending, I’m printing out thousands of these lists and distributing them at the bar line. Can’t wait to see how this works out for them.