Looks like KD’s teammates are not happy with how long KD has needed to get back on the court. Kevin Durant has now missed his ninth straight playoff game. Interestingly enough, looks like the blame has been shifted to someone else. Apparently KD is letting someone else make the call if he’s ready to play. 

Via The Athletic:

 Sources say there was a very real hope that Durant would be able to play in Game 4, to push through in much the same way that Thompson, Cousins, Iguodala and Looney have done of late. When that didn’t happen, and when they saw their season compromised more than ever without him after they’d grown hopeful of his return after seeing him on the court, the irritation grew in large part because they simply didn’t understand why he wasn’t there.


Warriors officials aren’t running from the reality that there’s frustration among some players, but they’re also quick to point out that trainer Rick Celebrini – not Durant – is making this call.

If KD wasn’t an upcoming Free Agent,  would he have played earlier? 

Either way, KD should be the one calling the shots.

Not this guy. 

Down 3-1 to the Raptors and with Durant still questionable for Game 5, it may just be too late for KD to save the Warriors dynasty. 

Maybe Rick will let Kevin play tonight. 

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