This announcer let go of all professionalism during an Indiana high school basketball game when Homestead’s Trent Loomis put an exclamation point on a victory over Norwell…  

The Wells County-Voice apologized Saturday for comments made by an announcer during an online broadcast of the Norwell boys basketball regular season finale against Homestead on Friday night.

The commentator called Homestead’s Trent Loomis a “showboat” and said that he was “tech-ed up for being a jackass” after the senior dunked and hung on the rim.

He then said, “Stay classy, may you lose in the first round of sectionals like you always do,” despite the fact that the Spartans have won sectional titles in each of the last five years. 

Watch below: 

Although the Wells County-Voice is not officially affiliated with Norwell High School, the athletic department responded to the incident with the following statement, which was posted on Twitter around 11 p.m.:

“Norwell Athletics and Norwell H.S. would like to profusely apologize to Homestead H.S. for the comments made by an independent on-line commentator that was broadcasting the basketball game tonight. His comments do not reflect the values and opinions of Norwell H.S.”

Loomis tweeted that he accepted Norwell’s apology and wished them luck in the remainder of the season., which broadcast the game, noted that the announcer resigned shortly after the game.

Your reap what you sow. 

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