Varsity jackets have long been a staple of high school varsity jackets life and culture. These customized jackets allow students to display their school. Pride commemorate their participation in sports and activities, and adds a touch of classic style to their wardrobe. This definitive guide covers everything high school students need to know about designing, purchasing & rocking varsity jackets.

What Are Varsity Jackets?

Varsity jackets, additionally called letterman jackets, are worn utilizing high school and college college students to represent their college and achievements. Traditional patterns characteristic of a wool frame, leather-based sleeves, ribbed collar/cuffs/waistband and custom designed patches or chenille letters indicating the student’s call, sport/hobby, school and more.

Varsity jackets originated in 1865 at Harvard University but became popularized in high schools in the 1930s and 40s. They continue to be a fashion staple today, allowing students to showcase their style and school spirit.

Benefits of Varsity Jackets for High Schoolers

  • Display school spirit – Varsity jackets allow you to proudly rep your high school and all it represents. Wearing your school colors keeps your spirit going strong all year round.
  • Commemorate achievements – The letters and patches on varsity jackets signify your participation in sports, clubs and other high school activities. They become keepsakes of your accomplishments.
  • Classic, stylish look – Varsity jackets never go out of fashion. Their timeless style looks great with jeans, leggings, dresses and more. Stay warm and trendy all season long.
  • Customization – Make your varsity jacket uniquely you by customizing colors, materials, patches, chenille letters and other design details. Show off your personal flair.
  • Wearable memories – Your high school days go by so quickly. A varsity jacket immortalizes those memorable times and allows you to take the memories with you even after graduation.

Varsity Jacket Style and Design Elements

While traditional varsity jackets share some common elements, there are many ways to customize them to fit your personal tastes and style sensibilities.


  • Wool body – The classic material used for the jacket body and sleeves. It provides warmth and structure. Melton wool is the most common.
  • Leather sleeves – Traditionally made of cow or sheepskin leather. Gives varsity jackets their signature look.
  • Body lining – Usually a polyester or nylon lining quilted in a diamond pattern. Adds warmth.
  • Ribbed collar/cuffs/waist – Typically made of cotton, wool or acrylic. The ribbed trim gives varsity jackets their iconic athletic styling.

Color Options

  • School colors – Show school pride by selecting your school colors for the body and sleeve colors.
  • Neutral colors – Go for versatile neutrals like black, white, gray if your school colors aren’t your style.
  • Contrasting sleeves – Make the sleeves a different color than the jacket’s body for a bolder look.


  • Chenille letters – Typically the first initial of the school name. Display your varsity letter with pride.
  • Name – Personalize with your first or last name on the front left chest.
  • Patches – Add patches for sports, clubs, academics, band and other activities.

Styling Tips

  • Layer over hoodies or sweaters for added warmth.
  • Pair with jeans, leggings, skirts, and more for a casual, sporty vibe.
  • Leave unzipped and style with a contrasting tee or crop top underneath.
  • Cuff the sleeves for a modern, laidback look.

Ordering Your Custom Varsity Jacket

Where to Buy

You have a few options when it comes to purchasing a high quality, customized varsity jacket:

  • School store – Many high schools offer varsity jackets for sale with basic customization options.
  • Local embroidery shops – Ask your school coaches/administrators for shop recommendations.
  • Online retailers – Companies like Custom Varsity Jackets, Varsity Jacket Shop, and Blue Cotton specialize in custom varsity jacket production.

Customization Process

  • Provide your name, school, sport/activity, year of graduation and other personalization details.
  • Select colors, materials, sizes, patches, chenille letters and other design elements.
  • Work with the company’s design team if you need help finalizing your vision.
  • Place your order and wait 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.


Expect to invest $100-$300 for a quality, customized high school varsity jackets. Factors impacting price include materials, customization extent, size/length and quantity ordered.

Rocking Your Varsity Jacket with Pride

Once your varsity jacket arrives, it’s time to sport it loud and proud! Stay warm while showing spirit for your school by:

  • Wearing it to school games, meets, dances and other school events
  • Layering it over tops and dresses for a fresh take on school spirit wear
  • Coordinating it with jeans, shoes and accessories in your school colors
  • Letting younger siblings or friends borrow it for their own games and activities
  • Breaking it out years later to reminisce over high school memories

Varsity jackets let you rep your high school in style while creating lasting memories. Follow this definitive guide to make your custom jacket exactly what you envision. Get ready to stay cozy and showcase your school colors all year long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a high school varsity jacket?

You have some alternatives for buying varsity jackets such as your faculty store, neighborhood embroidery shops, and online shops that specialize in custom varsity jackets. Companies like Varsity Jacket Shop, Varsity Jackets, and Blue Cotton allow you to fully customise your jacket on-line.

How much do custom varsity jackets cost?

Prices typically range from $100-$300 depending on materials, customization options, sizing, and quantity ordered. More customization like extra patches or chenille letters will increase the price.

How long does it take to get my custom varsity jacket?

Expect a 4-6 week turnaround from order to delivery for custom jackets, a bit longer during peak seasons. Production includes manufacturing the jacket to your specifications and embroidering/sewing on custom elements.

What’s the best material for a varsity jacket?

The classic combination is a wool body with leather sleeves and ribbed cotton or acrylic collar/cuffs/waistband. This provides warmth, structure and athletic styling. But you can also choose fleece, nylon, faux leather etc.

How should a varsity jacket fit?

Varsity jackets are often sized up to accommodate layering over hoodies and sweaters. But get the size and length that feels most comfortable to you – fitted, loose, cropped etc. so you feel confident wearing it.