Have you had a crack at high-stakes slot games before? What about high roller releases? Do you know the difference between the two? If not, you could be missing out. Allow us to walk you through the primary differences and what these games mean for you when betting online. Let’s begin.

What Are High Stakes Games?

High-stakes casino games are a relatively new concept. They are found in newer online casinos. These games have the same floor bet (minimum wager limit) as conventional online slots. However, the maximum wager (ceiling bet) is sky high, much akin to what you would expect to see in high-roller slot machine games. In short, we’d expect to see a wagering range from 0.01 per line per spin, or 0.25/0.30 per spin, up to 1,000.00 a pop here.

And High Roller Games?

Much like high stakes games, high roller games have a sky-high maximum bet limit. In fact, in some titles, these can rise as high as 10,000.00 a spin. However, unlike high-stakes games, high roller releases do not have low minimum bet limits. In fact, the lowest high-stakes games go is typically 1.00 to 5.00 a turn.

Where Can I Find High Stakes Games?

It is quite easy to find top high-stakes games. When you visit a renowned site like Rollers.io, you can find them in abundance. We’re not talking about the odd title, either. We’re looking at literally hundreds of games from established providers. Indeed, many of these games are amongst the very best you can play and are mainstream titles.

How Do I Play High Roller Slots?

By contrast, high roller slots are not as common as you might think. In fact, most online casinos do not support high roller slot machine games. You often need to head to a very specific venue to play these games. Obviously, these sites are called high roller casinos. It is possible that some casinos may unlock additional wagering ranges via their VIP clubs if you make it high enough up the loyalty ladder at those domains. However, the simplest way to find high roller slots online is to make your way to one of those dedicated casino sites.

Which Is Better?

Oddly enough, that’s not as tough a question as it sounds. High roller slots are suitable for those who want to splash the cash every time they wager on every game. However, there are very few slot players who can keep up pace with those sorts of stakes. What high stakes games do is very clever – they let you wager small sums just like in normal slots, or you can wager epic sums like in high roller games. Given the flexibility available and their desire to please everyone, we’d say that high-stakes games like you can find at Rollers.io Casino win hands down every time.