A hockey dad was charged with a 35-year-old cold case after investigators were able to lift DNA from a napkin at a game.  Jerry Westrom was charged with the 1993 stabbing death of a sex worker in Minneapolis.

Via Star Tribune:

Hockey dad Jerry Westrom visited a rink for a game one recent winter’s day, as he had done countless times over the years, ate a hot dog and threw his napkin in the trash.

Within weeks, DNA evidence on that napkin put the Isanti businessman in jail, charged with murder in the 1993 stabbing of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann “Jeanie” Childs in a Minneapolis apartment. Prosecutors say the DNA, tested against crime scene evidence collected decades ago, leaves no doubt that Westrom killed Childs.

Westrom, 52, was arrested Monday at his Waite Park office. He remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail ahead of a court appearance Friday.

Lesson here is first don’t murder anyone, but if you do, don’t eat or drink anything in public.  Ever.  Even if you think you got away with it and it’s 35 years later.

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