Any regular golfer will tell you the difference between a new golf club and an old one. The new one will make pitching and chipping almost effortless. These days, the square strike wedge is a wedge that is talked around a lot due to the late-night infomercial showing crazy claims. An experienced golfer will surely appreciate it because they understand that the slightest change in the wedge can make a hell lot of difference. They can easily tell this because they’ve seen and experienced different wedges with different angles.

The Question is- Does this Square strike wedge work?

We are going to have a look at these promises in a little, but some details about the golf club. This wedge is not merely a chipper, a kind of club that we haven’t seen around in many years. Chippers share similar layouts with putters, except for much more attic. The difference in this wedge is that it is chipped with a putting stroke which is not common. It is still the same wedge that you might have already used but with a better-engineered technology and angles that make is so uncommon.

One is the Square Strike includes a greater attic, in 45 degrees that is roughly the same as a pitching wedge. Second is that the Square Strike has transferred a lot of weight to the base of the club. The Square Attack additionally includes a minimum top edge, the region of the club in which the face and also the only match. It turns out, is vital to its functionality.

The Square strike wedge is engineered at a 90-degree angle, like literally a right angle and that allows you to hit your strokes correctly without missing any shots. But, Looking at the claims that the company has made, almost all of them are true but a few are totally false which is understandable for obvious reasons.

Certainly, the large quantity of weight in the base of the club together with it’s own leading-edge makes hitting chunky fat, shots almost impossible. Lean shots are still possible, even though that won’t happen frequently. The square strike wedge‘s functionality makes this claim 100 percent correct. Below are the points that might help you decide that why do you urgently need this wedge.

Consistent and repeatable

Employing a setting stroke is simple for virtually any golfer. Without a wrist activity along with also a pendulum swing, it’s fairly simple to strike consistent shots with dependable results. Forth and back is as straightforward as it is possible to get.

Can boost your will power

We all know that changing a wedge can instantly change your mentality. Let’s be honest, as soon as we hold a new thig it instantly boosts our confidence. And because of all the positive hype around us, our minds are forced to perform better.

Well Engineered Product

Though we know that the company has overhyped the wedge, we also know that this club works too. We get a 90 degree shaped wedge that helps to throw the ball more accurately to its desired location. Also, we sure do get huge airtime with the ball than regular ones. Certainly yes, and due to the swing, then you must utilize to strike the Square Attack efficiently. A great putting stroke eliminates wrist actions.

This is the initial claim, produced by North from the movie, which is certainly not correct. The most obvious option is your lob wedge, a challenging club to strike for most golfers.

Nonetheless, it’s so vertical, you truly aren’t able to correct your posture and put in the loft to the bar. Not every shot requires a minimal trajectory but that’s what you may get together with all the Square Strike.

That means this golf club isn’t the ideal selection to get two forms of golfers: people who have a low handicap and people that are diligently working toward accomplishing a very low handicap. Any golfer who utilizes it’s saying they could not learn the intricacies of the wedge they play with.

Several different golfers will be fine with this. It may even be a great improvement for a mid-level golfer who has issues with sending the ball on air at certain angles. Also, for all the new players in golf, this square strike wedge can be a blessing. You will not have to look for better wedges that can improve your game, this one is the all-rounder. Looking at all the positive reviews from my fellow golfers, I will happily recommend this club to you.