Horse racing as esports has come a long way during pandemic times. While most sports venues were closed initially, enthusiasts still want to stay away to avoid crowds and exposure. It makes sense to enjoy your favorite races from the comfort of your home without fearing exposure and infection. But indulging in the game requires a strategy as money is involved. The right one can set you up for success and making big money every time you play. Here are some expert-recommended winning tricks and strategies you can rely on.

Do your homework

Whether you put your money in the game offline or online, good homework is essential. Start by researching the records of the participating horses and jockeys so that you can pick the best ones. Even a cursory glance can give you a better chance of winning. You can get all the information about the race and competing horses from racing forms. Seek advice from an expert if you are a newbie. It can help you make an informed decision. 

Think beyond the favorites

While it is wise to explore the winning odds, you must think beyond the favorites and trust your instincts. Horse racing is unpredictable, and even the best jockeys and trainers cannot control the outcomes. But unpredictability makes the game even more exciting. Remember that favorites do not always win, and putting your money on the underdog can get you big wins even on small stakes. The idea is to find the perfect balance. 

Choose the right platform

When investing in horse racing as esports, you must choose the right platform because money is at stake. Look for options, seek recommendations, and go through reviews to find a reliable one. For example, BETU lets you be your own bookmaker and secures your money with smart contracts and tokens. You never have to worry about losing your money and end up having a good time as you play online. There couldn’t be a better way to explore this incredible sport online.

Stick to large events

Online horse racing experts recommend that you should play big to win big. Sticking to larger events is a good idea because you can find great value odds here. You may even get some deals and offers at such events if you look around. There are more races in big events, so you have more options to play and win. You can even divide the stakes to balance the risk of losing. 

Keep a record

When you play regularly, you must keep a detailed record of the games. It will help you assess the overall profits or losses you make over time. Further, you can study your virtual horse racing record to understand where you went wrong and what you did right. It will enable you to frame a long-term plan that makes you a winner. You can learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

Horse racing as esports is an exciting opportunity to make money while experiencing the thrill of the game. Its popularity is surging, and it is here to stay. So investing effort in developing a winning strategy is worthwhile.