Earlier this week sports writer Peter King took a shot at ESPN and the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.  He was critical of the event because there are kids who go to bed hungry every day.

Despite King’s objections to the event, it went off without a hitch and Joey Chestnut became a 12-time winner of the event by consuming 71 hot dogs.

The hot dog eating contest champ was asked about King’s criticism and called him “narrow-minded” while pointing out that many eating contests contribute to food banks, via TMZ Sports:

“I think Peter King, he’s kind of narrow-minded.  He’s picking low hanging fruit.  It’s easy to criticize something, he could easily criticize NASCAR for greenhouse gas emissions.  It’s just kind of absurd.  The amount of food we’re eating is very, very small.  And actually, most of the contests are involved with donations to food banks.  He’s just kind of narrow-minded.”

Who wouldn’t mind watching a Peter King versus Joey Chestnut celebrity death match? 

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