Houston Texans founder and owner Bob McNair died Friday at 81 after battling multiple forms of cancer.  He is the man responsible for bringing football back to Houston after the Oilers left town and moved to Tennessee.

Via FOX News:

McNair died surrounded by his family, including his wife, Janice, the team announced. Although the team did not release his official cause of death, he was said to have passed “peacefully.”

“He was a very caring, thoughtful and passionate individual,” coach Bill O’Brien said in a statement. “As much as he cared about winning, I think the thing I will remember most about Mr. McNair is the way he cared about the players.”

The city of Houston will always be grateful to him for bringing football back to the city.  Unfortunately we’re not going to get anymore National Anthem hot takes from the Houston owner.  

We’ll always have the other owner in Texas to fall back on.  McNair and his takes will be missed.