Traveling Is a drag, right? Going to the airport, sitting through customs for hours, and going through security clearance checks are no fun. Then, there’s the international flight. It’s even worst! You have to get there at least 3 hours in advance to go through customs checks and baggage claims. And, once you get through with that… there’s a little more waiting! Today, you have alternatives when flying. So, here we’ll highlight how air travel is changing for the better, to make your flights a little less of a waiting game, and a little more of an enjoyable experience.

Technology: Biometrics

Some airline carriers are testing biometric facial scanning technology, fingerprints, and digital ID scans for check in. This allows travelers to

Check bags in using their face (palm, eyes, fingerprint, etc) rather than waiting at a counter for 30 minutesSpeed up rental car pickup services with ID check ins upon arrivalUtilizing biometric boarding processes to speed things along

Although these are still in test phases, and only being used at certain airports in the US (and worldwide), the technology is in place. And, once all the kinks are worked out, it will greatly reduce the time it takes from getting to the airport, to actually boarding your plane.

Dinner Time?

Not so fast. Many airlines are opting for tossing out peanuts and complimentary soda, and ditching alcoholic beverages and meals on planes. Depending on the price of your airline ticket, this option is still available. And, for most long or international flights, you still get a meal on flight. But, don’t be surprised next time you jump on a commuter flight for a 3-hour trip, and only receive a small bag of pretzels.

Work in the Sky

We never imagined 10 years ago that wi fi would be offered on flights, let alone 4G, 5G, and more (???). Today you can pay for wi fi in-air during flights. And, many priority boarding clubs at airlines offer free wi fi for first-class travelers while they wait at the airport. Who said you had to stop your business call because you’re over international waters?

Non-Stop Flights go Further Today

It’s possible to go non-stop for much longer distances today than ever in the past. A flight from Chicago O’Hare to Auckland (a distance of over 8900 miles) is set for 2020 with Qantas. But, you can travel from Miami to China, different regions in South America, and other continents, without having to step foot in more than one airport (and obviously your landing destination). No more stop-go-stop-go, with better planes and technologies, flights are getting longer, and travelers have more non-stop options when booking their trips.

Transition to Comfort Instead of Crowding, Chaos, and a Bag of Peanuts… Charter a Jet Instead!

Today, it’s possible to utilize Jettly Private Charters services far easier than it has been in the past. You don’t have to compromise on the lavish comfort, excellent food, enjoyable on-board drinks, roomy seats, and top-notch customer service when it comes to flying. More competitors in the private jet charter industry have made chartering a private jet easier, more affordable, and efficient for travelers. Offering services from multiple regions around the world, private aviation startups have brought the lavish luxury which was once only attainable by millionaires and billionaires, to the everyday traveler!