However rewarding it might be, being an athlete is hard work. You might put it on yourself or it might be put on you by another, but athletes are always subject to pressure, and the daily rigors of working out can cause serious chronic pain.

In that regard, it’s quite interesting how perfectly CBD seems to fit the needs of an athlete’s lifestyle. The cannabinoid won’t get you high, so it won’t interfere with performance. It doesn’t provide any distinct performance advantage in the way that steroids do. Even so, it appears to help with the same inflammation and mental pressure that can bring an athlete down before their time.

Should athletes use CBD products produced by trusted companies like Arvanna to naturally mitigate the inherent difficulties of the job? If so, what is the best approach? We will let you know where to begin over the course of this guide.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound that’s only tangentially related to THC. The two substances are found in the same plant, but the similarities end there. Where THC is intoxicating and has many side effects, CBD doesn’t get you high, and its side effects are both rare and mild.

Since it is usually considered industrial hemp, CBD is widely sold online, and it is also found in many retail establishments. CBD brands have proliferated in recent years as the popularity of the cannabinoid shows no signs of slowing down.

Is CBD Good for Athletes?

Every athlete is different. So, even if CBD worked for someone who enjoys the same athletic activities as you, there’s no guarantee you’ll experience the same results.

Generally speaking, though, athletes and CBD seem like a match made in heaven. Using intoxicating drugs can be an issue for athletes for a number of reasons, but CBD doesn’t get you high. At the same time, CBD appears to help with concerns that affect athletes better than even many prescription medications.

The most we can say is that if you’re an athlete and you haven’t even considered the potential benefits of CBD, you have some research to do. Thousands upon thousands of athletes have now improved their game and experienced relief due to CBD, so it’s a phenomenon with which you should be up to speed.

Is CBD Useful for Pain & Soreness?

One of the primary issues that affects athletes of any age is muscle soreness. And, as you age, joint pain simply becomes an unavoidable part of the athletic experience.

In this regard, CBD affects the neurotransmitters most critically involved in the processes of inflammatory and neuropathic pain in the body. In addition to inflammatory joint pain, athletes can also be affected by types of pain centered around the nerves. So, CBD certainly can’t be considered useless when it comes to soreness and pain.

Does CBD Help with Performance Anxiety?

CBD is seemingly so good for anxiety that relaxation has recently become the number-one reason people use this cannabinoid. Performance anxiety is a bit different from general anxiety, but the basic principles are the same. Many athletes now use CBD to cope with or even permanently overcome performance anxiety issues.

Which CBD Product Is Best for Athletes?

If you’re an athlete who has never tried CBD before, we’d recommend either a CBD tincture, a CBD topical, or a mixture of the two approaches. Oral CBD products like tinctures and capsules provide body-wide but dispersed benefits.

Topical CBD, on the other hand, delivers benefits in a localized area without spreading through the body. Many athletes end up using topical and oral CBD at the same time for a mixture of widespread and pinpoint effects.

Should Athletes Use CBD for Pain and Anxiety?

If you’re an athlete who experiences issues with chronic pain or performance anxiety, you have very little to lose from trying CBD. The cannabinoid will not interfere with your ability to perform by making you feel high, and unless you use full-spectrum CBD products, there is zero chance of CBD making you fail a drug test.

CBD might not solve all the problems keeping you from reaching your full athletic potential. It should, however, serve as a steadfast ally in your quest to stay fit and enjoy life to the fullest.