Students need at least sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise daily. Encouraging students to spend sixty minutes being active may not seem like a significant challenge. But, the truth is that we live in a world where youths spend more time watching television or surfing the web. As such, they get less than an hour of physical activity each day. They also hand their assignments over to dissertation writing services so that they can indulge in other activities.

This issue can result in a reduction in the number of sports activities in a University. If you are a coach or an athletic director, you are likely wondering, “How can I increase athletic participation at my University?” or “How can I encourage students to join sports activities?” Well, wonder no more because this post is for you. Read on to discover the best sports promotion ideas. 

1. Introduce In-Class Physical Activity

Starting lessons with twenty minutes of physical activity is an excellent way to get students active. In-class physical activities get students moving without sacrificing academic learning. As such, students do not have to resort to paper writing service because their education is not affected.

Introducing physical activity in the classroom via health teaching, nutrition, and movement is a good way to promote sports in educational settings. Some classroom activities that combine exercise and learning include:

  • Fitness breaks,
  • Hopscotch math, or
  • Classroom warm-ups.

2. Respect the Time Students Have to Spend on Co-Curricular Activities


According to, you need to respect the time students have to spend on other co-curricular activities. One of the main reasons that students avoid sports programs is the pressure to participate in other clubs – and keep up with their school work. This causes them to ask professional writers to “write my essay for me” so that they can participate in sports programs without neglecting their studies. 

If you want to increase sports participation at your university, you need to:

  • Take steps to reduce the number of hours students spend on sports activities,
  • Shorten practices,
  • Schedule practices, or
  • Schedule practices at a more convenient time,

3. Choose the Right Coaches

Students do not want to be afraid of or feel intimidated by their coaches. Even though it is important to develop a competitive program, it is also important to hire coaches who can foster a competitive environment in a healthy way.

Coaches need to support students and help them improve and not criticize them. Using intimidation as a motivation technique can cause students to quit or dislike athletic programs. So, coaches should understand that university sports are not only for competition but for building up each student.

4. Celebrate Fitness with Special Events


Students love a chance to celebrate anything – even sports activities. As such, you can encourage them to get involved in community events or special days such as the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. On May 10, students from all over the country walk or ride their bikes to school. You can encourage your students to take part in this special day.

Experts from also recommend encouraging students to help you create additional events. From dance-a-thon to marathon events, the whole school can get involved with fun exercise activities. You can also turn these events into fundraisers and use the money to invest in exercise equipment for the school.

5. Encourage Non-Athletes to Get Involved

Athletes feel discouraged when they turn to bleachers and see a few individuals scattered throughout the stands. Athletes feel motivated when they get to show off their skills and abilities before their peers. This gives them a sense of accomplishment. So, you should encourage non-athletes to attend games and support their fellow students.

You can boost attendance by:

  • Giving attendees raffle tickets which may reward them with prizes,
  • Giving gift cards,
  • Giving school merchandize such as customized pens, notebooks, bookmarks, or t-shirts

6. Encourage Students to Take Control

You should encourage students to take control of their own habits. Help students understand the benefits of physical activity and offer interesting ways to exercise. They will enjoy physical activity more when you do this.

When you leave sports promotion to students, they find ways to create new sports activities. Students can create their own programs and alter how they perceive fitness when you encourage them to take control. 

In modern society, it is becoming more and more difficult to engage students in sporting activities. Allowing them to take charge of their fitness is the best way to encourage positive habits. 

7. Get Creative

You do not need to restrict sporting activities to recess or P.E. You can use the time between lessons to ensure physical activity takes place throughout the entire day. For example, you can:

  • Promote physical movement by playing uplifting music during breaks,
  • Use fitness activities to promote movement during homeroom or advisory periods, and
  • Make exercise programs available after school and during breaks and lunch periods.

Follow These Tips to Promote University Sports

Establishing successful sports programs takes a lot of time, as well as effort. But, if you use the above tips, you will notice that university sports promotion is achievable. Go ahead and integrate these tips into your sports promotion technique. You will start to see more students participating in your athletic programs in no time.

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