For centuries now, humans have been using massage therapy to deal with a wide range of physical and mental health issues. Apart from helping with emotional well-being, CBD oil can also help relieve muscle pain, stiffness in the muscle tissues, and improve sleep conditions. Experts in the healthcare industry suggest that CBD oil provides the same therapeutic benefits that regular massages do offer. Following this, it is suggested to incorporate CBD in New Zealand into your massages to enhance the whole experience.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how CBD oil works its magic. 

CBD Infused Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a full-body massage therapy that is recommended for the people who are new to massages in general. In simple words, Swedish massage is ideal for those having a lot of tension. When used with CBD oil, Swedish massage can help release muscle knots easily, making it an ideal choice when you want to just relax. A normal massage therapy may last between 60 and 90 minutes with the following methods:

  • Kneading.
  • Circular motions.
  • Tapping and vibration.
  • Passive joint movement.

CBD Infused Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, Deep Tissue Massage is a therapy that involves more pressure. When combined with CBD oils, it can be a great choice for treating chronic muscle problems. In case you are dealing with soreness, injury or imbalance in the body, using CBD oil for pain with deep tissue massage can help for sure as this can alleviate muscle tightness, anxiety, and chronic muscle pain. The method deals with the deepest layer of your muscles to slow strokes. The normal session of deep tissue massage lasts for about 60–90 minutes.

CBD infused Sports Massage

Sports massage is a different kind of massage that is useful for those involved in athletics or sports activities. The process, when infused with CBD focuses on the certain body parts that need the most attention. During the process, an experienced massage therapist will perform alternating deep pressure with soothing strokes depending on the patient’s needs. According to specialists in healthcare as well as the massage industry, CBD infused sports massage is useful for the people dealing with muscle injuries constantly. In addition to helping reduce muscular pain, it can also help prevent repetitive sports injuries from happening more often. 

Will I Get High With A CBD Massage Session?

Many people may have this common question on their minds before trying the CBD infused massage. However, the fact here is that CBD massage oil does not cause any form of intoxication, which makes it a completely safe choice. Although it does have THC levels of about 0.3%, it is safe and you do not get high with its use. Because high THC levels are associated with recreational marijuana such as west coast carts.

And it is very much okay for professional athletes and sportspersons to use CBD oil for a massage. You get tested negative with THC when using CBD massage therapy so you can try it without any worries or side effects.