Every pickleball player is confused about how to pick the right pickleball set. If you are also that person and confused about how to pick the right pickleball set, this guide will assist you.

There are a few things that you should look up to find the right pickleball set. Likewise, the weight, grip size, wood and much more. But how to check out the following things while choosing the pickleball set?

Let me assist you with what factors to look up and how you pick a pickleball set!

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Pickleball Set?

As I was also worried about how to choose the pickleball set, one of my team fellows guided me to look up the following things while checking the pickleball set.

They helped me a lot in choosing the right set. And now I am sure they will help you find the right pickleball set. 

Here are the following things you must consider when checking the factors. 


In pickleball, weight plays a vital role because weight directly affects your hand. As you also know about playing table tennis, pickleball or any other games our hands play a high role. So if the weight of the pickleball is heavy instead of light, we can not play the game easily.

However, we need to get lightweight to hold the paddle easily. There are 3 variations in the weight of the pickleball paddles, which are:

  • Heavy
  • Medium
  • Light

The heavyweight comes from 8.5 to 9.5 oz, while the medium comes from 7.3 to 8.4 oz. The most lightweight paddles come from <7.3 oz. So if you are a beginner, you can choose light paddles to easily hold it.


If you have enough budget to buy the best pickleball set, you should look at the graphite pickleball. They are quite expensive, but the paddles are made with high-quality and low-end materials. Unlike other paddles, the graphite paddles with composite materials make them very popular in all other models.

So, we recommend you choose graphite paddles instead of other low-quality materials. There is typically a six to nine-ounce weight range for graphite pickleball paddles. A core will be used in the construction of these paddles and the composite ones. However, did you know the core uses aluminum, Nomex honeycomb or polymer, making it stand to fight on a hard surface!

Core Construction

Core constructions are the right choice when choosing the paddles because these are composite materials. However, there are 3 following types of cores that you have a choice.


Nomex is the best material that comes to be used as composite paddles. In general, the professionals and pickleball players choose the Nomex core. We recommend Nomex core to choose if you have any professional skills.


The polymer core is quite soft, which makes the paddles soft. Therefore if you are a beginner, you have to choose the polymer core because these are made with a special plastic blend for the ideal game.


Aluminum core paddles are the most popular in pickleball rackets. Because it is the strongest for beginners or professionals, even it is very light in weight. That’s why every pickleball player wants to choose the aluminum core.

Power may be lacking in paddles with aluminum cores, however. Because of this, your driving power won’t be the same as someone with a heavier core type.

Paddle Shape

Another factor to consider while choosing the paddles is the shape. You have various choices in selecting the shape, affecting the length and width. However, according to the pickleball rules, the width and length should combine with the butt cap, and the edge guar should not exceed 24 inches in width and 17 inches in length

So, whatever the shape of the paddles you have chosen, consider the sizes of the width and length I have described above.

However, there are three different sizes available in the market that you can choose. 

  1. Elongated Shapes
  2. Widebody Shapes
  3. Classic Shapes

Paddle Colors

There are a variety of options available you have to choose the colors. Likewise, the most common colors available in the market are red, yellow, and green, which are common and popular colors in options. So, you can choose the colors that you are liked. 


Lastly, the price matters in your budget. I don’t know your budget, but some paddle sets are available for 50$ to 110$ or more. So it’s up to you to choose the pickleball set according to your budget. 

What is the best weight for a pickleball paddle?

We would recommend choosing lightweight paddles. However, the weighs are about 7.3 to 8.4 oz which is considered low to mid-weight. Therefore you can choose the weighs between 7.3 to 8.4 oz.

Where can you buy pickleball paddles?

There is some online store available that offers the pickleball set. You can buy it online and at a store near your house. Online store like amazon, eBay, and more offers the best price to buy pickleball paddles.


I hope now you have got how you pick a pickleball set and what factors should everyone choose before buying it. I would especially refer you to choose the right paddle size so you can easily play with it. Now, it’s up to you what paddles set you choose for your game.

Best of luck in playing the game!