Fantasy football is a fairly new craze sweeping the gambling world. Punters can be put into leagues and pay to try and win considerable amounts of money in what is known as a fantasy football league. Individuals face off against each other by picking real world players based on their current form and how many points the punters are predicting the player will get in the games they play in the real world of sport.

The winners then take home a certain percentage of the prize money and usually the prize will be divided progressively between the top performers in the league. This does not always involve, and it is very often just a friendly bet between mates, however, there has been an increase in pay to enter fantasy football leagues with very appealing prize pools. While these prize pools may not match the likes of those seen through slots at Betfree, but nonetheless, they are still not to be laughed at. If you fancy your chances at predicting what players will perform every match day, then it makes perfect sense to join.


This is all completely legal, as it is a game based on skill, so even amateurs can organise these with their friends. You are also not betting on an individual’s performance in particular, but rather your team’s performance as a whole. It is also a game of playing the odds, as sometimes players do not perform particularly well but the way they play translates into points. An example would be a centre back of a team that enjoys possession. Their passes would not necessarily be particularly useful for the attack however if they pass it round the back a lot, then the passes will rack up. This will in turn translate to points. Similarly, a player could be very useful for their team but statistically underperform.

On top of this, players need to keep a large portion of things in mind. Players can be less likely to play because of injuries so it might be unwise to pick those players.

When playing against a better team, a manager might decide to play more defensively which would mean that you should not pick the strikers of that team as they are less likely to score. The likelihood of getting subbed off must be introduced into the mental thought process, as they could average a tackle every ten minutes, but if they’re not on the pitch for the full ninety minutes, then they will not get nine tackles.


Intelligence First

Because of all these factors, fantasy football allows the intelligent punter to shine, as it is quite statistical. Performances must be quantified, and the player always needs to bear this in mind, and it will have to massively influence all of his decisions when making his final team selection. Pay offs can be huge for all the players who puts the necessary time and effort in for the research that this kind of gambling necessitates for the best rewards. Fantasy football has changed the way punters and betters can use their knowledge and gut feelings to their advantage and gives everyone a fair chance at winning thanks to their predictions.