If you want to be a paintball gun enthusiast and looking to participate in the paintball tournaments, there are few attributes you need to be aware of before you invest in a gun. 

You may be surprised! But it doesn’t need to be too long. Check out these cheap airsoft snipers with a variety of prices, build qualities, shooting power, and mechanics such as bolt action and DMR. If you want to be a paintball gun enthusiast and looking to participate in the paintball tournaments, there are few attributes you need to be aware of before you invest in a accurate gun.

The features I’m talking about are the accuracy and how far a paintball gun shoots. If you’re looking to start the paintball field, you have to be familiar with the maximum distance of the paintball guns

Basically, you can operate paintball guns by releasing compressed air into the chamber. But buying a paintball gun simply knowing the distance doesn’t help so much. That’s where we are trying to guide you by considering a few issues. 

How It Works

When the gun is releasing pressure into the chamber, it propels the best paintballs through the barrel. That time the compressed air dictates the speed with accuracy and the velocity makes the distance of shoot. 

When it comes to distance, you will get to know three powerful range levels of a paintball gun. Let’s get into it. 

Effective Shooting Range

Shooting from an effective range can give you the ultimate success. Such paintball has its own balancing act that needs to be achieved. While it’s hard enough that paintballs will fly inside the barrel without breaking or can break after hitting their target. That’s why without moving from a certain speed, you will never be able to break the paintballs. 

The real obstacle happens when players shooting from long distance and amazing to see the ammo did not break after hitting the target. If you feel curiosity, go to the paintball field, you will notice paintballs are falling down the ground inevitably without breaking. 

So, the effective range of a paintball gun is about 80-100 feet long. But be concerned about your paints and your opponents wearing stuff (soft cloths can go slower down your ammo). 

Safe Range in Paintball Field

Let us explain this issue in a literal way. It is determined the range of the speed where you need to be controlled for safe shooting. Don’t be too aggressive, because shooting with high velocity can be dangerous for your opponents. 

Playing in a paintball field or tournament there usually have a speed limit with a velocity of the shooting with your paintball gun. There is a cap of shooting speed rate at around 280 feet per second or in general 200 mph in miles. 

Absolute Range

The next thing that will be described is the absolute range. Let’s assume that you aren’t that person who is much worried about hitting someone hard or breaking the paintball – the only things you want to shoot the paintballs as far as you want. As we know, paintballs are very much intense, where you need the best paintball hopper and hard paintballs, which instantly tune up the velocity in high positions for faster shooting. 

The harder the paintball is, the fast it reacts to the targets with breaking in the barrel. That ensures that harder paintballs have a high velocity to go further than usual. 

Every paintball gun has a different level of speed and velocity, but you can make it a maximum level of upgrading. According to our research, we notice maximum paintball guns on an average able to shoot 150 yards. 

How can you Increase the Distance?

Jumping down in different models and high-quality paintball guns and barrels will never change paintballs low on physics. Yes, you hear, right! That’s not something you can change overnight. But there is a way to increase the distance of paintballs without changing your style and positions. 

Depending on two major factors, the velocity of paintballs has been determined: the shape and the rotation of the paintball. If you have the right gears, you can increase the distance of your paintballs just adjusting those factors. 

Few manufactures construct barrels in such a way that paintballs can rotate in a great way after shooting. Though it doesn’t change the natural range of your paintball gun, it allows you to shoot more than 100 feet. Then for the perfect shape, they designed an aerodynamic paintball, which is more robust and brittle. This designed paintball has an effective range of 200 feet, which is equal to 200 yards.  

Final Thoughts

As there is no clear cut answer of how far you can shoot a paintball, but it’s what we explained will give you enough idea. Hopefully, you’re able to increase your shooting range. 

As a beginner fellow, it’s a better idea to stay in a safe range, with proper protective gear. When you are in a better range, be ready and armed with confidence and show opponents what you got. Have fun shooting and keep yourself and others safe!