Many passionate golfers can struggle with their short game, long game, handicaps, and more. If you find you are hitting more bogies than eagles, but have taken the steps to improve your game, hold, and body positioning, maybe it is time to take a look at your clubs.

A stockbroker can’t use a typewriter to make digital trades, and the same can be said for a golfer. Your experience and training can only take you so far if your equipment is not up to par.

Knowing Your Clubs

A person slowly breaking into the game of golf is not going to want to drop thousands of dollars on a set of professional clubs, however, it is important to know what limitations you are placing on yourself with the equipment you are currently using.

If you are having problems with your long shot, maybe it is time to reconsider your driver. Can’t get the ball out of the sand, no matter how much you have worked on and improved your technique? Chances are a better sand-wedge can make all the difference.

The golf experts at explained that equipping yourself with the appropriate equipment and clubs can make a huge difference to your overall game, and help you move away from double bogies and closer to that albatross.

Equipping Success

There are many pieces of equipment utilized by golfers to enhance their game. However, nothing is going to help you become a pro if your club set isn’t within your skill level and game range. You might employ range finders, have the latest and greatest pushcart. Our athletic wear and shoes may be top tier, but if you are using uncle Bob’s hand-me-down clubs, your other equipment isn’t going to function and increase your stats the way it should.

Golf clubs are designed in different weights and lengths for a reason. A 5’2 female beginning to learn golf is going to need a different driver than a 6’7” male professional golfer. If you are sharing clubs or using an old set given to you by someone else, you will find that no matter how much you practice your game just won’t be what it could be. Having the appropriate length and weight on your driver is going to dramatically change how easy or hard it is for you to hit the green, and stay out of the traps.

Realizing that all of your equipment works together to strengthen your game, and ensuring your equipment is well-matched is going to be the most important change you can make to your game.

Setting Goals For Your Game

Maybe you aren’t looking to be the next Tiger Woods, but simply trying to enjoy the game rather than ending it 12 over par and wanting to throw your clubs in the water trap. Researching equipment and how it affects your game is incredibly important to realize your goals.

Setting a goal for yourself will help your focus and narrow down the specific equipment you may need to upgrade and change. Want to lower your strokes on a specific golf course, talk to the pros at the club. Ask them what clubs they would recommend, compare statistics between your equipment and theirs, and move forward.

Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses

While it is sometimes disheartening to focus on your weaknesses, it is important to identify your handicap and how to improve your game. By acknowledging your weaknesses, you can focus on the areas of your game that needs the most improvement, while honing your strengths to an even higher level.

Becoming knowledgeable of different brands, equipment, and narrowing down your personal goals will help you to ensure you are equipped for personal success. Not all clubs will work for all people, and beginner clubs may be a hindrance for expert golfers. By ensuring your equipment matches your skillset, and is not increasing your handicap, you can step to the tee and be confident in your equipment.

Ensuring your equipment is setting you up for a hole in one, and not driving you into the sand traps is the first step to becoming a better golfer. Make sure you are utilizing the equipment within your price range and skill set, to help put you on the right path, rather than slicing you into quitting the game entirely.

Great equipment doesn’t have to break the bank, but it sure can help you sharpen your game and get you walking to the tee with heightened confidence in yourself and let your skills set the tone of the game.