Luka Doncic has been on fire in under 10 games, averaging an impressive 36 points per game (PPG). Many NBA analysts will tell you this is just the beginning of ‘Luka magic’, and they are not wrong, compared to how he’s performed since he was drafted.

So how good is Luka Doncic? If predictions of the season’s best performers are to be made now, Luka will make most people’s top 5 list, if not the best 3. Let’s look at what makes the Maverick’s star this good. 

Top Prospect in the Draft

Luka was drafted 3rd overall in 2018 by the Atlanta Hawks but later traded to the Dallas team, proving his capability as a ball player. If the draft is to be redone, he is the clear 1st pick, with Trae Young (5th pick) coming second. 

Luka’s draft is unique because he is from Europe, whose prospects struggle to make it in the 1st round. As a teenager, the former Real Madrid 6’7” guard won the Euroleague MVP title and was named to the All-EURO team, attracting the attention of the NBA.

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Regular Season Numbers and All-star Call Ups

Compared to the legendary Dirk Nowitzki, the 23-year-old has outdone the former Mavs star. 

Doncic, in his first season, convincingly won the rookie of the year when he averaged 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 6.0 assists in 72 games. Here are his stats in the following seasons:

  • 19/20: 28.8 ppg, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists
  • 20/21: 27.7 ppg, 8.0 reb, and 7.6 assists
  • 21/22: 28.4 points, 9.1 rebounds and 8.7 assists

With these impressive numbers, he has been in the MVP conversation severally and named an All-Star 3x. He has also broken his record in Europe after becoming a 3-time All-NBA team member. 

These NBA numbers improve yearly, justifying his draft info as a consistent performer. He is bound to be an MVP at least once in his career, but we know he can get upwards of 5 titles and 5 MVP accolades.

Playoff Performances

Consistency in performance from the regular season to the playoffs is an aspect that distinguishes the Slovenian as a superstar. To top it off, Luka is only second to Michael Jordan (33.4 ppg) in points averages in the playoffs, at 32.7 ppg. 

He has carried his team to the playoffs three times in his short career, and all have ended in narrow defeats, including game 7 exits. Some attribute the eliminations to insufficient help from teammates. 

He has played 23 postseason game and, in the process, eliminated bigger teams like:

  • Utah Jazz in 21/22
  • LA Clippers in 2020 ‘bubble’ playoff games

With the current record of the Dallas Mavericks, as geared by the Slovenian, they are projected to make it deep in the playoffs. The additions to the team, such as Javel Mcgee and Chris Wood, provide the squad depth required to support Luka. 

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The NBA is entering a new era, and stars like Luka Doncic are at the forefront. We will see more Luka Magic in various record-breaking headlines, as we did with LeBron and Kobe Bryant in the 2010s. Let us see what the basketball gods have planned for Luka Doncic.