Winning the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award is the biggest individual NFL honor a player can dream of. The subject is getting hotter with every passing week, but many still aren’t sure how the MVP for a given year is decided. The process is very simple compared to other leagues, which isn’t to say the system is ideal. Here’s all about who votes on the NFL MVP and how. 

Who are the NFL MVP Voters?

The Associated Press chooses 50 voters every year. They have the final say on who becomes NFL MVP. Sometimes, the voters in one year will spill over into the next one, but they are not necessarily the same. 

If it’s a close race, the single voting system can make things quite interesting. In some cases, one vote will be decisive.  

Who’s the Next Winner Going to Be? 

This season, NFL MVP odds stack up in favor of Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Last season, Aaron Rodgers grabbed his fourth recognition and the second one in a row. However, Rodgers and the Packers lost Davante Adams, the top receiver, in a Raiders trade. Arguably, the Bills are at the top of the league. Josh Allen is the NFL MVP favorite with odds of 7 to 1, information from BetMGM suggests.

How is the Vote Carried Out?

A number of leagues use a point-based voting procedure, which enables voters to vote for numerous players according to a ranking. Typically, the player who earns the most points will win, but it depends on the system. This makes it possible for voters to consider the ranking and ensure they pick the most deserving candidate. 

However, the NFL’s system is slightly different. The voters vote at the end of the season, increasing the bearing the vote has. It’s possible to have two winners sharing an award. This happened between Barry Sanders and Brett Favre in 1997 and between Payton Manning and Steve McNair in 2003. 

Quarterbacks Have a Historical Advantage

Historically, quarterbacks have an advantage when it comes to the NFL MVP award. They draw the most attention as the only people in that position most of the time and as offense facilitators. What’s more, it’s a high-stakes position that earns rewards. 

On the other hand, the quarterback can also be the player who gets the most blame. It also doesn’t mean players at other positions don’t have a chance to win MVP. 

The Winners and the Losers

When it comes to the MVP award, not every team gets lucky. Teams like the Houston Texans, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, and New Orleans Saints have never won. Given their historical successes, the Eagles and Saints might be a surprise.

In the current format, the selection of Moseley from the Redskins was a precedent in history. That team didn’t have an undisputed leader despite being the best team in the NFL. He was an easy choice, given how well he played during the shortened season.


There are more players who didn’t get a fair shot than players who won undeservedly. MVP voting will never be perfect in any league with so much on the line, but the cut-and-dry method of NFL MVP voting leaves no room for doubt.