For as long as sports betting has been around, so has betting. Questions about who will score first, who will win, have been asked for thousands of years. Nevertheless, some sports events have been found to revolve around markets and odds than others. For instance, horse racing is very synonymous with the sports betting industry. But from the time online sports betting was invented, the popularity of horse racing has skyrocketed.

A closer look at most TV commercials will help you understand exactly how the famous sports betting has grown to become.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in the sports industry, there are still many sports events that players can be on in 2020.

From the Super Rugby and NRL matches of the 2020 season to the Tour de France and the UEFA league, bettors from across the globe will be placing bets worth millions of dollars in sports bets in the remaining part of 2020.

And most of these bets will be live-bets.

Live Betting

Before bettors could be allowed to bet on live sports events with just a single click of the mouse, they had to place the bets in a convenience store, with a local bookmaker.

A few years ago, almost all the sports betting was done before the match started, which meant that bettors would place real money bets before the sporting event started. They did not know whether a player would have a bad day or they would play at all.

Also, before live betting started, the sports betting Thailand sites only featured a few markets.

This means there were no popular live markets such as goal scorers, number of cards, number of goals to be scored, or half-time score.

The effect of this was that bettors were forced to stick to simple bets such as selecting the winner of the match or head wagers.


Live Betting Today

Back in the 1990s, the first bookie started by offering multiple alternatives to place in-play bets from their phones. However, after the introduction of the Internet, bookies started adding live betting services on the Internet.

Two decades later, and today almost every sportsbook offers in-play betting markets.

In-play betting allows bettors to gain unlimited access to 100’s of odds for any specific match, but this gives punters access to the winning odds.

Live sports betting sportsbooks across the globe offer fixed pre-fixture odds for aspects such as the Total Match Points and the Winning Team, but there is also a wide range of live betting markets for everything.

After the match begins, the odds for these live betting markets keep changing based on the progress of the match.

Bettors looking for some extra security may have to wait to see how the match starts, then back warriors that are leading, for the low odds, but with more certainty.

Extra Perks of In-Play Betting

In playing betting is not equal to additional betting options and betting winning odds, the number of amazing features that in-play betting websites provide keeps growing.

Live betting sites across the globe provide live streaming options for bettors who have already deposited funds into their bookmaker accounts.

This easy access to high quality and cheap sports streaming is quickly changing how people across the globe watch and view sports.

Many live betting sportsbooks online also provides punters with the option to withdraw. The withdrawal option on live bookies allows punters to claim their betting winnings, for a reduced, but assured payout on stakes that will win before the match even comes to an end.

Few Sportsbooks Allow Bettors To Edit Their In-Play Bets

If a player places Acca (Multi bet), they can easily remove certain bets and replace these bets with others, as the match continues. While editing these bets, the odds would also be revised, but based on the edits; they can decrease or increase the payout rates.

Bet Responsibly

Although live betting has significantly changed the sports betting market, there is no doubt that it has made it more profitable for those bettors that understand what they need to do when betting online.

Also, it’s important to undertake some research, compare in-play betting options to find the best winning odds. Only bet with what you can comfortably afford to lose.