Music and sports are two separate worlds that always seem to meet. It’s an open secret that many renowned athletes use music as a performance enhance.  Many types of research concerning this have taken place and conclusions have supported the aid of music in sports performance. There are several athletes known to also play an instrument and one may wonder what musical instrument for athletes is the best and most effective.

Music aids sport, emotionally and psychologically. Upbeat music motivates athletes into being quicker, more energetic while calm paced music has been seen to relieve anxiety and control.

The Electric Guitar:

It is an upbeat, fast-paced instrument that fits the bill of improving confidence and efficiency, playing this instrument as an athlete will do just that for you. As a first time player, I recommend that the best electric guitar is the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric guitar.

The Yamaha brand is one that has stood the test of time and maintained a name of excellence. This beginner’s brand comes in a wide range of colors, has a five-position switch with coil tap, rosewood fingerboard, a maple bolt neck, a solid alder body and vintage tremolo with block saddles. Not forgetting the world-class Yamaha brand and sound quality all these make it the best electric guitars for beginners.

Acoustic Guitar:

For a more subtle and emotional feel, the acoustic guitar is another musical instrument for athletes. Its sound gives a calming feel to its listener. As a suggestion on what the best acoustic guitar for a beginner is, I will go with the Epiphone DR100. It comes in a professional sunburst color with a 14-degree headstock angle perfect for smooth chord transition. Made with rosewood and mahogany it features a dreadnought body shape.


On the list for musical instruments for athletes is the ukulele. A member of the guitar family, this miniature looking guitar is a calming instrument popularly used by Hawaiians. It comes in three notes, the tenor which is more suited for bigger hands, the soprano which is more convenient for smaller hands and then the concert which is a perfect medium. For a new player, I would recommend the cordoba ukulele. It comes in all notes and with a complete mahogany handmade build, it is adorned with ivoroid binding and abalone rosette.


The drums are fast-paced instruments that are suitable for athletes with their very intricate learning patterns. For beginners, the Pearl export drums are an excellent choice and a popular brand name, made of Asian mahogany, excellent long-lasting hardware package, and pedals.

Music and sports are widely different and many believe that they are too different to be learned by a single individual but some expert sportsmen have been revealed to be musicians. Not surprising that researches have been made and findings of music enhancing the brain and motor skills, all these have made music excellent support to sportsmen.   So if you are considering an accompaniment to sports then learning a musical instrument is your best bet.