Known as “the Mystic” for his incredible ability to forecast the results of today’s top sporting events with uncanny accuracy, Zach Hirsch has quickly become one of the most trusted voices in sports. Today, at only the ripe age of 20 Zach is at the top of his field and holds over 1 million followers on his Instagram to prove it. 

One look at his Instagram would prove that there’s no denying his talents. In his latest post found HERE, Zach predicts that the Los Angeles Rams would take down the San Francisco 49ers and go to the Superbowl. This prediction is the last of a long line of accurate and spot-on predictions that Zach has made over the year from sports, ranging from football, baseball, and even mixed martial arts events. 

Zach’s abilities and talents have captivated the hearts of not only the public but also those within the sports he covers. World Heavy Weight Champion Shannon Briggs stated “I discovered Zach he’s special. It’s like you combined Joe Rogan and Jimmy The Greek and put them in an eighteen-year-old body. Zach’s going to be a star.” 

Zach was also paid homage by Jake Paul, who is seen crediting Zach as a “young legend” HERE. Zach then became part of Logan and Jake Paul’s training teams where he trained and gave real-time insights that helped the brothers, documenting his work and observations in the process to create both a documentary and a book on the subject. 

While Zach may be young, he already has a decade of professional and proven experience under his belt. As a senior in high school, Zach was recorded as the most accurate sports handicapper in the world. That credential came after he picked an unprecedented one hundred percent of all 21 FBS college football games correctly, including the SEC Championship, the College Football Semi-Final, and the National Championship Game. This would be the first recorded perfect season in sports handicapping history. 

In addition to the Mystic Zach Hirsch being active as a content creator, producer, on-air media personality, sports analyst, and handicapper, the Delray Beach, Florida-based prodigy also has two successful businesses that charge customers for his projections on the outcome of future sports which are extremely lucrative. 

Zach stated the following to the public last year in March, but it comes as no surprise that the outcome of his businesses was exactly as forecasted. 

“I’m starting a couple new businesses: Pick Wins is a unique daily fantasy sports tournament site. You go up against your friends and strangers like a poker tournament but your cards are your sports picks. It’s a game of skill and really fun. I’m also going to be selling my iPickWins picks next season. People have been asking to buy my picks and up until now I’ve only given them to a few people. I started building my brand and rep at seventeen. At nineteen it’s time to monetize.”

Already at the top of his world at the age where most are just getting out of high school, there’s no denying that Zach is one of the most trusted voices in sports – a credit earned and well deserved.