The miraculous benefits of electromagnetic energy are becoming increasingly apparent in every field of life including professional high performance sports. Due to regular training and workout, athletes are more sensitive as they get to know the small changes in their body very quickly.

To optimize their athletic performance and productivity, many athletes prefer to enjoy the natural effects of PEMF therapy. The sports journal describes Magnetic therapy for athletic performance as “attractive to some athletes who are weary of the adverse effects of other products or procedures.”

 There can be a long list of world champions and Olympic gold medalists from the world of sports who consider PEMF as the ultimate therapy for themselves. Shaquille O’Neal uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Brian Baldinger uses it, and Lance Armstrong uses it.

 You’ll find PEMF machines at the Olympic Village and NFL training camps, college locker rooms, and sports medicine clinics. So why is PEMF becoming this popular? Let’s discuss how PEMF could help you with sports?

PEMF And Athletic Performance

PEMF acts as a natural healing mechanism for the body. To understand the science behind PEMF therapy, envision your cells as batteries — everyday stressors gradually channel them of the energy they need to work ideally. Before the day is over, your body, psyche, and soul may feel totally drained. That is the place PEMF innovation comes in!

PEMF devices produce energy at the cell level without medicinally intrusive methodology. This enhancement of regular energy urges the body to work all the more viably for general wellness. By invigorating and practicing the cells, PEMF tends to brokenness where it begins (at the cell level).PEMF promotes cellular regeneration and overall health. In this way, PEMF improves athletic performance and manifests its benefits for sports.

Athletic performance depends upon muscles working in an optimal way to provide protection against injuries and to maximize athletic potential. PEMF enables the muscles to work longer, harder, and recover from injuries faster. This way, the natural therapy helps in more effective training and shorter rest period between training. PEMF also ensures less soreness following casual exercises.

Not only muscles, but nerves, bones, cartilage, joints, in fact, the whole body works better when treated with pemf. Dr.Pawluk, a recognized medical authority on pemf describes these benefits as

PEMFs increase ATP in tissues of the body, especially highly metabolic tissues, such as the brain and muscle. Since PEMFs increase the production of ATP, turn the ATP, and recharge the ATP once depleted, they help muscle and the nervous system to function more optimally.

PEMF as an FDA approved therapy, offers the following benefits for athletes and their performance.

  • Improves mental sharpness, focus, and concentration
  • Ensures injury and trauma prevention by decreasing cellular breakdown during the exercises.
  • Ensures faster healing and recovery. Swelling and inflammation delay muscle recovery. PEMF helps athletes heal faster by reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • PEMF flushes out lactic acid from the cells, which helps reduce soreness.
  • Reduces constraints, twitching, cramping, inflammation, and pain from physical exertion.
  • Promotes cellular healing, recovery, and regeneration.
  • PEMF therapy oxygenates the blood. This leads to better performance and endurance, and improves the energy production of muscles and cells.
  • Improved movement, elasticity, endurance, strength, and stamina. In other words, better athletic performance.
  • Increases cellular metabolism and cell hydration.
  • Increases bone density.
  • Improves the functioning of the immune system and increases immunity.

All of these PEMF benefits are science backed and well documented. PEMF has proven to be a safe, effective and noninvasive FDA approved technology for nearly 40 years.


PEMF is an advanced and balanced approach to improve athletic performance. PEMF therapy using specialized PEMF machines is an affordable alternative to enhance physical performance, recovery and bring a tremendous boost to both professional and casual athlete’s careers.