Have you ever wondered why some posts on social media gain viral popularity overnight? Or why that meme you chuckled at this morning has already received thousands of likes and shares? The answer may surprise you! Memes, those humorous, relatable snapshots, possess an uncanny ability to attract followers and boost online presence. And the question that tickles our curiosity is: How? How can a simple, often funny image, paired with a handful of words, have such an influence in the vast world of social media?

But how exactly do memes help you grow your follower count? Today we’ll be taking a look at how to use memes to boost your social media presence and get more followers. So, let’s get started;

The Meme Phenomenon

Memes have come a long way from passing around just images of cats. They have become an integral part of how we express emotions online. In an instant, a meme can express frustration, joy, sarcasm, or any number of complex feelings.

  • They’re funny: Memes often revolve around humor, which, let’s face it, is a universal adhesive.
  • They’re relatable: Memes often depict everyday situations or feelings that we’ve all experienced.
  • They’re shareable: The widespread dissemination of memes is testament to their shareability.
  • They’re timely: Memes are often reactive, responding to current events or trending topics.

Using memes effectively can help you grow your follower count, one chuckle at a time.

How Memes Work for Follower Growth

Memes can be a powerful tool for driving growth. They’re the language of the internet, communicating complex ideas with a single image or short video, often layered with a dash of humor. Here’s how they work:

  • Humor Breaks Barriers: Memes, with their inherent humor, evoke laughter and joy, enabling an instant connection with your audience. A meme can often say more in one image than a long-form text post, and the humor element makes it universally appealing.
  • Sparking Connections: Memes are not just funny; they’re relatable. When a follower sees a meme on your page that makes them laugh or think, they feel a connection. They share it with their friends, expanding your reach organically.
  • Creating an Emotional Bond: Memes can make your followers feel seen and understood, creating an emotional bond.

Memes also encourage interaction, as followers are more likely to share, comment, and like content that amuses them. So, when creating memes, keep your target audience in mind and create your content accordingly.

How Creating & Posting Memes on Social Media Skyrockets Your Follower Count

When it comes to skyrocketing your follower count on social media, memes are your secret weapon. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when posting memes on social media:

  • Create Memes That Align with Your Brand’s Tone and Identity

When creating memes

  • Use colors, fonts, and images that are consistent with your brand’s style. 
  • Content should be relevant to your product, target audience, and overall message. 
  • Keep the tone in line with your other content – if you typically create humorous content, then use a humorous approach for memes as well. If you have a more serious tone, choose memes that are witty and clever but not too comical.
  • Create Original Memes Related to Your Niche or Industry

Create high-quality, interesting and original content that accurately reflects your brand’s voice and personality. Create original memes related to your niche or industry as originality goes a long way in meme culture.

  • Engage with Other Meme Creators and Followers

Don’t forget to engage with meme creators and followers on your social media channels. You can;

  • Repost content from other meme creators and credit the original source. 
  • Tag people in memes who might be interested in your product or service.
  • Utilize Current Trends and Events to Create Timely Memes

Staying up to date on current trends and events is key. So,

  • Timely memes tend to be more popular and get shared more often. 
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing – it can give you inspiration for creating new content.
  • Branding Through Memes

Your memes should align with your overall brand strategy. Use logos, colors, fonts, or other branding elements in your memes to give them a distinctive look and feel.

  • Consistency Is Key 

Regular meme posting is essential for follower engagement. It keeps your brand at the forefront of your followers’ minds.

  • Create Memes That Invite Followers to Participate 

Memes that invite followers to participate tend to be more popular and have higher engagement rates. Encourage engagement with your followers by creating “tag a friend who…” memes or polls, such as ‘Tag a friend who’s been in this situation!’

  • Build a Meme-Loving Community Around Your Brand

Invite your followers to share their own creations on your page. This can be a great way to build a sense of community, and encourages long-term engagement with your followers. 

  • Include Trending Hashtags in Meme Captions

Whenever possible, include relevant trending hashtags in the caption of each meme you post. Make sure to research which hashtags are currently trending and use them to boost the visibility of your memes.

  •  Participate in Meme Challenges and Trends

Participate in meme challenges and trends like the #MemeMondayChallenge. 

  •  Cross-Platform Meme Strategy 

Adapt your memes for different platforms and optimize them for visual appeal on Instagram, Facebook, X, Threads, etc.

  •  Stay Ethical and Respectful

Make sure all of your posts are relevant and appropriate for the audience they are targeting. Respect copyright laws and never post offensive or inappropriate content.


Q: How do people get a lot of followers on social media?

A: They usually achieve a lot of followers by regularly sharing content that is both engaging and interesting. 

Q: What content attracts followers on Instagram?

A: On Instagram, visually appealing content reigns supreme. So, think along the lines of high-quality photos, engaging videos, and visually appealing graphics that tell a story or communicate your brand’s essence.

Q: Why do people post memes?

A: Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your feed and chuckling at a meme? That’s exactly why people post them. Memes are a fun and relatable way to express thoughts, emotions, and social commentary. They offer a quick chuckle and an easy way to convey complex feelings or situations.

Q: Why memes are good for mental health?

A: Interestingly, they can be! Memes can act as a stress relief tool. Memes often bring humor and lightness to our day, which can boost our mood.

Q: What type of content is famous on Instagram?

A: According to recent stats (April 2023), Instagram users enjoy a mix of content types. Funny content, including memes, tops the list with 50% preference, followed by creative posts at 46%. Informative content sits at 41% and relaxing, soothing content at 37%. It appears that content which entertains, inspires creativity, provides information, and encourages relaxation resonates the most with Instagram’s user base.

Q: Why are memes important to social media?

A: Memes are particularly popular among younger generations. So, memes not only offer a quick laugh but also allow brands to connect with a younger audience.


Concluding Remarks

Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to give your current page a boost, posting memes is certainly an effective strategy that can help increase the engagement and reach of your social media accounts. Remember, the internet loves a good meme, and your audience is no different. Let the memes work their magic and watch your follower count take off. Good luck and thanks for reading!