We have all been interested in building or rebuilding muscle at one time or another. This is more so for the people who do lots of exercise and lift weights. After a bodybuilding session, or after a competition, the body feels exhausted so much so that one wants to regain as much muscle as they possibly can. When this affects you, one of the things you need to do is give the body the tools that it requires to rebuild. You should take in as much protein as possible. This should be accompanied by other foods and nutritional requirements of the body. You should, therefore, Shop Protein Powders from the stores so that you can boost your muscles in the shortest time possible.

Now, other than the use of protein supplements in the form of powders, drinks, tablets or any other form, you should plan a long-term supply of the right foods for your body. You want to be sure that your body muscle is sufficient for all your workout and weight lifting needs. In this article, we shall discuss how proteins help build or rebuild your muscles.

Here are ways protein helps build muscle:

Rebuilding muscles after exercise

After a heavy workout or training, the rate at which protein is synthesized increases. This leads to the breakdown of muscles for 24 hours after the activity and this is what makes someone feel sore and exhausted. This is, however, one of the first steps that it takes to build strong muscles. One must take a meal that is rich in protein so that they can recover quickly and this should help prevent muscle breakdown. One can easily lose muscle mass if they do not take protein during the recovery period. If one is not able to easily get foods rich in proteins, then protein supplements would work for this purpose.

How much in protein should you take in?

This is something you need to be aware of. After a heavy workout, how much protein does your body need? Well, studies done so far do not point to any amounts that are recommended after a workout. However, the requirements for protein increase sharply depending on the kind of exercise one does. You may need up to 20g of protein per serving. However, the right thing to do would be to consume small servings of protein over time. This is opposed to a situation where one takes a huge serving of let’s say 20g to 30g after training. Some people could be tempted to take large servings of protein, which could be futile because the boost that protein intake stimulates lasts just a few hours.

Which is the best form of protein?

Now that we agree that protein is good for building muscle, which is the best form of proteins that people should take? Many foods can provide the proteins required for muscle building. These are foods such as dairy, beans, fish, nuts and so on. However, all these proteins have different digestion rates and come along with other nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates. As such, one should be careful of their intakes as they have to do with other nutrients.