Like every other sport, there are benefits attached to playing racket sports. Obviously, you will become fit as you keep playing. More so, since you need a partner to play, there is a highly social element attached to playing racket sports. 

Interestingly, as your game keeps improving the urge to play more would increase. As you wave your hand from side to side, important organs in your body will also feel the movement. 

Most people feel that engaging in racket sports like ping pong, badminton, tennis, etc., will not improve their fitness. This perception is because they believe it’s a moderate sport. According to NHS Inform, depending on the intensity of play, racket sports can also be a vigorous aerobic activity. 

Health Benefits of Racket Sports

Frankly, the health benefits attached to playing racket sports are enormous. A racket sport engages almost all the parts of your body. For instance, while waving your hand from side to side, your upper arm, forearm, wrist, and hands are engaged.

Don’t forget, you also have to move around to smash the ball (ping pong i.e. if you’re playing tennis). Therefore, your legs and other parts of your lower body are engaged too. 

Below are the health benefits of playing racket sports:

  1. Enhances your learning ability and improves brain cells
  2. It helps you reduce stress and anxiety levels
  3. Your focus and alertness will improve
  4. It reduces age-related diseases like Alzheimer Parkinson 
  5. The risk of heart disease is lowered 
  6. Helps you control your weight
  7. Your mental health is also improved
  8. Improves your bones and muscles
  9. Reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases
  10. Enhances agility

Playing racket sports is a good way to keep your body system upbeat and healthy. 

Basic Equipment you Need to Play Racket Sports

Apart from the racket, their other basic sporting wears you need to play racket sports. 

Nonetheless, a good arena where you can play your racket game is also important. For instance, if you want to play ping pong, you decide to set up a table in your backyard or visit a good ping pong place. Let’s check out items you need to play a racket sports game:

  • Racket: Apart from the ball and net, the next piece of equipment you need is a racket. However, rackets come in various shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, opt for the racket so you can smash the ball and your racket would not break. On the other hand, ping pong rackets don’t have strings like tennis and badminton.

  • Balls: Apart from badminton, you need a can of balls to play most racket sports. However, badminton requires a shuttlecock or a birdie. The shuttlecock could be made of feathers or nylon.

  • Net: Depending on the racket sport, the size of the net differs. For instance, the size of the net for a ping pong is the smallest among most racket sports. On the other hand, the sizes of the net used for tennis, badminton, squash, etc., are bigger. In some cases, they could be as big as 6 ft long and 6 ft wide.

  • Court shoes: You need a court that has a grip and is comfortable. Remember, you will be moving from side to side. Besides, you don’t want to slip off and fall. 

The Most Played Racket Sports in the World

Racket sports are also popular like soccer, basketball, rugby, etc. Also, they are widely watched and followed by millions of fans across the world. Here are the most popular racket sports:

  • Tennis: The likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, etc., have made a mark in the tennis world. Their style, personality, and gameplay have made more fans endeared to this racket sport. 
  • Table Tennis: This is quite different from tennis. Table tennis is also referred to as ping pong in some countries. It is played on a table with a net. The ball is hit back and forth by players at fast or moderate speed. 
  • Badminton: In badminton, you need a shuttlecock, unlike other racket sports. Badminton can be played by single or double players like other racket games.
  • Squash: A squash game is played on a four-walled court. It was first played in Harrow School in London. Squash is not yet an Olympic game but it has featured in Commonwealth games and Asian games since 1998. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, professional racket sports athletes engaged in tennis and table tennis are amongst the highest paid sporting athletes in the world. You can start honing your skills with a few practice daily.